I am Winter


It’s winter again
The cold has rolled in
The frost has started and
The ice took my heart again.
I am frozen
I am cold
I can’t feel
I don’t see the point any more.
The snow is sticking now
It twinkles like fallen stars
But it melts at your touch
Because it was empty from the start.
I am hallow
Wind blows through me
I can’t feel
So I’m done pretending.
As dead as leafless trees
I stand with a slight desire within me
To live long enough for spring
When maybe I can begin blossoming
But as the night carries on
With no sign of day
I give up waiting for dawn
And just accept the gray.


Teetering Edge


On the ledge
Water’s edge
Face to face with death

Falling to pieces
You’re my glue
But what if your presences ceases?

Teetering on the cliff
The slightest amount of wind
And I could plummet

Slowly sliding off
Will you catch me
Or let me fall?

Japanese Maple


“Late Autumn Japanese Maple” – Mill Valley, California – Ed Callaert – As featured on PhotoBotos

Oh, Japanese Maple
Through your twisted branches I see
Thin rays of sun
Pouring down on me.
You reach up
And out with your spiraled arms
Your trunk thick and sturdy
Rooted in my yard.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The beauty you spread
With your pink hair
Dancing in the wind.
Your leaves,
How they sway back and forth
Like a pendulum
In tune with the beat of my heart.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The breaths you take
You swallow them whole
As your blossoms fly away, away!
Oh, Japanese Maple
The memories you bring
Of the times that have passed by
Sense you were just a seed.

Into Your Hurricane


My heart was swept into your hurricane
My body got tugged into your storm
Your lightning awakens my heart
Your wind stirs something within my soul

Sneak Peak


Here is a sneak peak into one of my current projects ;]

The wind slaps her face, cold and hard, only she can’t feel it. While kids her age are hugging themselves to keep warm in the brisk winter air, she throws her face into the wind daring it to make her feel. Make her feel anything. Pain, cold, but her attempts are futile because she is numb inside and out.