What it Took to Realize & Voodoo

Well, I finally did it. Many-a-years in the making and I published What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo in paperback and for kindle thanks to Createspace and Amazon’s wonderful self-publishing programs. Please check it out, inspired of course by Alexz Johnson and her amazing song Voodoo. What It Took To Realize Morgan never really fitContinue reading “What it Took to Realize & Voodoo”


I am here to tell you a story Of how I became to be A tale so outrageous That you may not believe me But trust me that every word is true Because I was once a skeptic like you. Well it started like this I was born just an average human And over aContinue reading “Hybrid”

Moon Child

I want to live forever I want to see the world But I am just a girl Poor and alone With no family of my own Still I want to live forever And see the world. Dear goddess of the moon Please make my dream come true I will do what ever you wish PleaseContinue reading “Moon Child”

The Wolf’s Howl

The chill night air was still. Not a single sound could be heard except for the howl of a single wolf in the distance. The moon was full. It stared down at me taunting, with its gray glow. I could feel my heart sputter with fear as it lodged itself into my throat. Gripping herContinue reading “The Wolf’s Howl”