She lifts herself from the water
Shedding her tail like dry skin
With her spear above her head
She prepares to strike down at the beast
Slithering beneath the surface
The storm rages on
Waves lapsing over the stone perch
In the distance a boat teeters over
On the verge of capsizing
She bears no notice
To anything but the green tail
Poking out of the water
A ray of light shines from beneath the storm clouds
Urging her on
The sounds of seagulls
Squawking in fear
Fills her being with courage.

Child of the Sea


It ebbs onto my skin

Covering me:

Its kin.

It swarms into my soul

Its mysteries

Make me whole.

We breathe in unison



It draws itself across my body



I beg it to take me with it.

Let me be a part of you.

A storm swells deep within it

Come my child

As it falls over me

Like a tsunami

Taking me adrift.

Taking me home.



Into The Sea


Into the sea,
I let the waves
Wash over me.

Into the sea,
I am where
I was meant to be.

Into the sea,
The water seeps
Into my skin.

Into the sea,
The salt nips
Against my fins.

Into the sea,
The cold becomes
A part of me.

Into the sea,
The fish swarm,
Welcoming me.

Into the sea,
Deep down
Where this is no light.

Into the sea,
I am swallowed
Without a fight.

Into the sea,
Where there are others
Like me.

Into the sea,
I am finally where
I am meant to be.