Blood Pumping

I don't like chasing I like being chased But you've got my heart racing When you call out my name My blood is pumping Throughout my veins I can hear it rushing Like water down the drain   This was an old draft I found, thought it was time to publish!

Teetering Edge

On the ledge Water's edge Face to face with death Falling to pieces You're my glue But what if your presences ceases? Teetering on the cliff The slightest amount of wind And I could plummet Slowly sliding off Will you catch me Or let me fall?


She lifts herself from the water Shedding her tail like dry skin With her spear above her head She prepares to strike down at the beast Slithering beneath the surface The storm rages on Waves lapsing over the stone perch In the distance a boat teeters over On the verge of capsizing She bears no … Continue reading Warrior