Feels Like Home

It took you about fifteen minutes to park, I kept busy by writing in my notebook, trying to get all my ideas down on paper so I wouldn’t forget later; because let’s admit it, I always forget come later. You ease yourself into a parking spot that anyone else would have had trouble with. WeContinue reading “Feels Like Home”

Will You Let Me In?

How deep are your waters? How wide is your sea? How warm is the beach Where you and I meet? I want to swim in your ocean I want to dive in your soul Will you let me in Will you let me in Will you let me into your heart? How how high isContinue reading “Will You Let Me In?”

Teetering Edge

On the ledge Water’s edge Face to face with death Falling to pieces You’re my glue But what if your presences ceases? Teetering on the cliff The slightest amount of wind And I could plummet Slowly sliding off Will you catch me Or let me fall?

Take Me Away

Swing, swing Take me away Push back and forth Higher, higher! Swing, swing Lift me from this seat Bring me to places I’ve never seen Further and further away Up, up, up! {chorus} Take me away, through the air Feel the cool wind in my hair As we soar through the night, over the landContinue reading “Take Me Away”


She lifts herself from the water Shedding her tail like dry skin With her spear above her head She prepares to strike down at the beast Slithering beneath the surface The storm rages on Waves lapsing over the stone perch In the distance a boat teeters over On the verge of capsizing She bears noContinue reading “Warrior”

Not Ready To Give Up (2008 Re-Write)

Original written 6/30/08: You flood my mind With your cruel design You threw my life Way off line You stole my soul And went away to your paradise I’m ganna find away out of this hole I’m not ready to give up Not ready to give in I’ve got nothing to lose And everything toContinue reading “Not Ready To Give Up (2008 Re-Write)”

If I Had A Time Machine…

If I had a time machine what would I do? Well I’d go back in time and smack the heck outta you Yes you! The little me So naive you think you know everything. It’s laughable, the things you thought you understood Had it all figured out, right? Got how the world worked? No. YouContinue reading “If I Had A Time Machine…”

Part of Your World

This is my version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid’s famous song “Part Of Your World” (one of my favorite songs of all time). I thought it would be fun to write it in the point of view of a human who wanted to be a mermaid. I hope no one takes offense, it’s just meantContinue reading “Part of Your World”