The Last Time

  He found himself at her door. Like so many times before. But he couldn’t remember how he got there. It seemed all roads lead to her. It was a warm but cool night. He could taste its humidity on his tongue. Had he walked? Did he drive? He couldn’t remember. Nor could he tearContinue reading “The Last Time”

I’ll Move On

Raining on the inside Sunshine on the out Gotta put a smile on To hide the clouds No I won’t let you see me cry No you can’t have my heart this time. There’s a tornado in my rib cage Lava fills my gut Even though it hurts to breathe I’ll move on No I won’tContinue reading “I’ll Move On”

Invisible (2008 Re-Write)

I actually didn’t re-write this song cause I love it so much, but I did add a verse at the very end. Blind to the naked eye Numb at the human touch Silent to the human ears Love has got me star-struck Sometimes I can’t breathe Because you took my breath away from me I’mContinue reading “Invisible (2008 Re-Write)”

Summer, summer what to this year?

Summer, summer Here I come Light you up with a torch Summer, summer Here you are Swinging on my back porch. Summer, summer Don’t you leave I can’t take the chilly breeze. Summer, summer Stay forever We don’t need that cool December.   Anyways now that I got that out of the way ;]. WhatContinue reading “Summer, summer what to this year?”

Ice Queen

You’re right I’m cold I have a heart made of stone So why is it that you love me? So why is it that you stay? Is it because you think you can melt the ice away? Well you can’t I’ve built up a wall So tall That you can’t even see The other sideContinue reading “Ice Queen”