What It Took To Realize/ Voodoo



What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo, my baby, has been self-published for Kindle on Amazon.com. I have waited to make this announcement for some time with many excuses, but really I am just scared. Like I said, this is my baby, and I want people to love it as much as I do. So I invite my fellow bloggers to, please, check it out and leave me with some feedback (constructive hopefully). You can review on site or shoot me an email (authormercedes@hotmail.com).

What It Took To Realize:

I was relieved to sink into the back of the room where I settle into my seat, grateful to lose myself in my art once again. I was comforted by the symphony of light brush strokes, pencil scrapping against uneven canvas, lulled breathing and soft hearts’ beating. I let myself once again, be swept away by the memory of my mother as her unfinished portrait sat in front of me. Her blond locks danced around her soft face curling and uncurling around each flawless curve of her head, as if each strand were alive. Her thin, light brows pinched together ever so slightly as we said our silent goodbyes. Her emerald eyes, which resemble my own, gazed down at me with love and worry. My itsy-bitsy fingers reached for the shell which dangled from her neck, her name May scrawled on hers, much like mine that says Morgan.



“Voodoo” played in the background.

            I watched Morgan run down a dirt path, when she suddenly stopped and turned to face me. Her azure lips spread into a smile as her eyes locked with mine. I smiled back at her, a warm sensation filling my chest.

            Suddenly a dark figure appeared behind her. I tried to warn her but my voice wouldn’t work, I could only watch in terror as it moved closer and closer towards her.

            Then the music stopped. Morgan was gone. Save her, a voice whispered from all directions. Protect her from him.

            From who?


What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo were greatly inspired by Alexz Johnson‘s song “Voodoo”. Actually, her music has inspired the last book of this trilogy, but I don’t want to give away too much. This is a story I have literally been working on since I was in middle school. And now it has turned into a series that I hope to share with all of you. ❤



He could hear the ticking echo through his ears. When the minute hand moved he felt the stinging in his heart which grew stronger and stronger. He knew he was running out of time.

His breath felt like thunder, shaking in his bones. Each step he ran was a race against the hour hand.


The pain in his chest brought red dots to his eyes. Stumbling on the pavement he kept on because he knew he had no time.

Collapsing inside their cage, his lungs began to cave. Every breath was forced and shallow. The doubt began to fill in the hollow thoughts. Would he make it?


He lost his breath. The pain spread from his chest like a virus. The world before him began to blur. Like a blind man he kept forwards. His feet like cement, the effort to keep moving torturous. His whole body ached, but he could not stop now.


A cry escaped his lips. Everything was cloaked in darkness. He was so close. Nearly there. But time keeps ticking and his end was near.

Just move forward. Don’t give in.


His heart began to beat in time with the second hand. Each heartbeat roared in his head. His rib cage tightened, restricting his lungs, and crushing his heart. No longer could he continue on as his legs buckled underneath his weight.

Her arms reached for him, but she was too late. By the time she revealed the watch attached to his chest, the hour and minute hand ticked together as he let out his last breath.

With a sob she took the device in her hand and removed the brass watch from his flesh. The golden numbers spread around the face was covered with a brass rib-cage.

Just a little something I cooked up after this week’s picture it & write photo. Check it out!

Sigh Of Death


I looked deep into his crystal eyes and knew it was the end.

With his warm, strong hands wrapped  around my neck I could hear my heartbeat  echoing within my eardrums. It slowed itself to a dull hum as the black crept into the corners of my vision. Not once did either of us break eye-contact. Not even to blink.

The deep abyss of his pupils seemed to widen as if  to pull me in.

I was already in.

My hands loosely held onto his thick wrists, not even bothering to struggle. What use was there? I knew from the start he would be the one. That this  would be  my fate.

His hands grew tighter and  tighter like an anaconda wrapping itself around  my body. I went numb under the pressure. The black was everywhere by then; masking all from my vision. All but those eyes. Just as uneasy to read as they had always been, they were hard as stone.

My heart was no longer a wild drum of  fear  and panic but a single strum of  surrender. And as the last note  played,  his  open lips covered mine as he inhaled my sigh of  death, breathing  in my soul.



Could some one please save me? The thought was nothing but a gurgle of hope spread like wings in my chest. Any body… The sea took my body and its cool body covered me in its caress. My hand was the only part left touched by air. I feebly lifted it reaching for the sky with my fingers.

But as the lack of oxygen became a bloody scream echoing inside my head, every ounce of strength seemed to leave. The minuscule waves lapsed over my palm, silky and smooth like spit from its tongue. The sun filtering in overhead became dim as I started to sink into the grim.

Suddenly some one else’s skin was on mine; warm, comforting, and divine. I was swifted away, no longer the drowning man, and brought to the surface once again. My lungs burned with saltwater draining out my mouth from inside my chest.

On her purple eyes mine rest. A pink star exploded around her pupil, its dust drifting around her iris. I blinked, needing to make sure she was real, but when I looked again she had disappeared.

At the vast ocean I gazed. I had almost lost my life that day. Beyond the horizon a teal tail soared. I waved goodbye to my savior.



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Help Me


Gather up

The broken pieces of my soul

Throw away

All my memories that are cold.

Put together

The puzzle of my heart

That was

Shattered by a dart.

Fix up

My lost sight

Help me

Find the quickly dimming light.

Whisper to

Me stories of endless love

Lie and

Say life isn’t tough.

Promise me

True love exists

Show me

The fireworks of the perfect kiss.

Give me

A rose without thorns

And cry

When there is no reason to mourn.

Don’t Let Me Go


So I have this weird knack for writing songs that would go with a story I have either, written, have started writing, or hope to someday write. This is one of them. To set the scene the story is kind of a little Mermaid spin-off (those are becoming popular now-a-days aren’t they?) In my defense I have harbored this idea for at least 5 years! It is about a girl, and at the age of ten saves a boy from drowning. Ever since both of them have fell in love with one another but when she comes to land on her 17th birthday as a human, the boy is unaware that the girl of his dreams is standing right before him! Meanwhile her ex comes to town after her, determined to bring her back with him. However he doesn’t expect to fall in love with a land-stuck siren.

Here are the lyrics told from both of the girls’ point of view:

Feel the sand between my toes
I watch the tide blow in
It always wins
I’ve got your hand in mine
Nothing’s ever felt as right
As tonight
Remember when we first met?
I watched you run into the sea
What were you thinking?
The waves hit against my knees
I lean on you to support me
Don’t let me go]
Feel the cool ocean breeze
On an hot august night
You held me,
You held me so tight.
You kissed me beyond the shore
Your lips tasted like saltwater
On my tongue
I knew you were the one.
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to drown my heart
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to hide from me
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
Our love could divide the sea.
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to let me go
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to set me free
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
Our love could divide the sea.
Remember when we first me?
I saved you
And then you saved me
The waves hit against us now
As I embrace you under the moon’s glow
Don’t let me go