Wildest Dreams- Haunted: A Poem


Dark clouds in my head

Rain cascades over my ribs

Salty and acidic

Eroding my bones

I am broken


And so far gone lost.

I thought this would be a good poem for Wildest Dreams. A little side project I am working on. Read part of it here, a picture-it & write inspiration!

Waiting (Re-Written for Out of the Ocean)


I’ve been waiting
For you to finally see
That you’re the only one for me
Got me on my knees
Begging you silently
Please just open your eyes.

Here I’m standing
Right in front of you
Pouring out my heart
But it don’t get to you
I’m screaming out your name
But you don’t hear
Please just open your ears

Come to me, oh, come to me
Come to me, I’ve been waiting

Follow my voice
To the shore
Hear me now
I’m waiting at your door
I can see a storm brewing
Over the sea
Can you see what I see?

I’ll protect your heart
I’ll never tear it
I will keep you safe
You can trust that
I will keep you dry
When it rains bad
Please, open your heart to me

Come to me, oh, come to me
Come to me, I’ve been waiting

I can’t keep waiting
For you to notice
I love you
The way she doesn’t
I won’t wait forever
Please don’t take much longer
To realize we were made for each other

So come to me, please come to me
I’ve been waiting, I am begging

I’ve been waiting for you to finally
See that you’re the only one for me


I re-wrote Waiting for Out of the Ocean, the sequel to What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo (inspired by Alexz Johnson) which is available for Kindle on Amazon. I had written a different song for Out of the Ocean, but I wasn’t very fond of it. That was when I realized I had a perfectly good song already written, so I took Waiting and personalized it for the character so it would fit the story!

Go to the original song Here!

Check out What it Took to Realize/Voodoo <—-there

You Smile


Storm clouds form in the distance
You hold an umbrella over my head
But it is broken and rain leaks through
Still you smile, and I smile back at you.

This picture we drew is an illusion
And heat melts the paint away
But when you brush against my hand
You assure me  it will all be OK.

Still the ocean roars and the earth shivers
The stars fall and the sun burns
You put on shades and smile with your teeth
Glowing, you bring strength to me.




She lifts herself from the water
Shedding her tail like dry skin
With her spear above her head
She prepares to strike down at the beast
Slithering beneath the surface
The storm rages on
Waves lapsing over the stone perch
In the distance a boat teeters over
On the verge of capsizing
She bears no notice
To anything but the green tail
Poking out of the water
A ray of light shines from beneath the storm clouds
Urging her on
The sounds of seagulls
Squawking in fear
Fills her being with courage.

Into Your Hurricane


My heart was swept into your hurricane
My body got tugged into your storm
Your lightning awakens my heart
Your wind stirs something within my soul