The Awakening

I was blind, stuck deep inside this cage where I confide Overlooked, never took a second to open my eyes But you were here, I felt your warmth, just could not tell That you were the one I sought, so I fell deeper still. I was stuck in a dark place, you brought me outContinue reading “The Awakening”

Rabbit Hole

There’s a humming in my brain A pounding in my chest A ringing in my ear From the voice that knows me best And your eyes Pull me into my demise. Like glowing embers they burn Around the center of gravity Your black hole it pulls Me into insanity Here I go Down the rabbitContinue reading “Rabbit Hole”

Sigh Of Death

I looked deep into his crystal eyes and knew it was the end. With his warm, strong hands wrapped  around my neck I could hear my heartbeat  echoing within my eardrums. It slowed itself to a dull hum as the black crept into the corners of my vision. Not once did either of us breakContinue reading “Sigh Of Death”

Will You Let Me In?

How deep are your waters? How wide is your sea? How warm is the beach Where you and I meet? I want to swim in your ocean I want to dive in your soul Will you let me in Will you let me in Will you let me into your heart? How how high isContinue reading “Will You Let Me In?”

Into Your Hurricane

My heart was swept into your hurricane Whirling, Whirling, Prospering. My body got tugged into your storm Raining, Raining, Growing. Your lightning awakens my heart Striking, Striking, Electrifying. Your wind stirs something within my soul Glowing, Glowing, Consuming.

Not Ready To Give Up (2008 Re-Write)

Original written 6/30/08: You flood my mind With your cruel design You threw my life Way off line You stole my soul And went away to your paradise I’m ganna find away out of this hole I’m not ready to give up Not ready to give in I’ve got nothing to lose And everything toContinue reading “Not Ready To Give Up (2008 Re-Write)”

Still In Love With You (Summer 2008 re-write)

This was the first of my summer 2008 re-writes. That summer I wrote a ton of songs so I thought it would be fun to go back and touch them up a bit. 2008 Version: I know I shouldn’t, But you keep me under your current I didn’t mean to fall I didn’t want toContinue reading “Still In Love With You (Summer 2008 re-write)”

Another Mothers Day Poem

You have always been there to bandage up a cut knee, Even now when I am nineteen. The tears you cry Are my own The things you feel I feel in my soul. You always gave me a push When I felt like a wuss. You would pick me up when I was down TheContinue reading “Another Mothers Day Poem”