To Be New


Your rays of heat

Melt the snow from me

Spring came too late

But I cannot wait-

I need to breathe

My lungs aren’t working…

I am still cold…

I need to come alive

I need to come to life

I need to…

I need you…

To lift me up

Into the sun

And watch me bloom

Until the

Moon wans

Like a lonely swan

I bow my head in shame

The light’s been gone

For so damn long

That it hurts

When you look my way…

I am still cold…

I need to be alive

I need the warmth inside

I need to feel

I need to heal

These blackened wounds

That prevent me to bloom

I will mend them

Soon I’ll have no excuse

For my selfish ties

When day does come

And spring has begun

I will know

To say goodbye

I need to say goodbye

I need to come to life

I need to…

I need to…

I need to feel the heart

Beating at the core

Of the earth

And I will be new

I will be new


I’ll Move On


Raining on the inside
Sunshine on the out
Gotta put a smile on
To hide the clouds
No I won’t let you see me cry
No you can’t have my heart this time.
There’s a tornado in my rib cage
Lava fills my gut
Even though it hurts to breathe
I’ll move on
No I won’t let you see me fall
No you can’t hurt me at all.
‘Cause it’s winter in my brain
But summer’s in the air
Even though it’s snowing,
Well I just don’t care
No I won’t let you see me break
No you won’t bring me down today
No you won’t bring me down today
No you won’t bring me down today.


I am Winter


It’s winter again
The cold has rolled in
The frost has started and
The ice took my heart again.
I am frozen
I am cold
I can’t feel
I don’t see the point any more.
The snow is sticking now
It twinkles like fallen stars
But it melts at your touch
Because it was empty from the start.
I am hallow
Wind blows through me
I can’t feel
So I’m done pretending.
As dead as leafless trees
I stand with a slight desire within me
To live long enough for spring
When maybe I can begin blossoming
But as the night carries on
With no sign of day
I give up waiting for dawn
And just accept the gray.


My home, My haven


Your irises like crystal waters

swimming around your pupils.

Your skin looks like a snow canvas

but only spreads warmth.

Your hands blank and wide

tightly grips onto mine.

Your lips full and thin

are soft then firm.

Your presence is guarded

but I’m prepared to knock down your walls

because your embrace is my home;

your arms are my haven.

The Wolf’s Howl


The chill night air was still. Not a single sound could be heard except for the howl of a single wolf in the distance. The moon was full. It stared down at me taunting, with its gray glow. I could feel my heart sputter with fear as it lodged itself into my throat. Gripping her cool hand, tight in my own, we ran.

Our feet crunched in the snow beneath our feet.

She stumbled.

I yanked her arm forward. We could not stop. We had to escape the woods. Where one wolf howled, others would follow. Who knew how big their pack was? The mere thought sent a lingering shiver down my spine. The icy air burned my throat and froze my lungs. But I kept moving.

I could see the thinest sliver of light push through thin spaces between the tree trunks. It wouldn’t be much further. I looked back at her, to deliver the good news, when I seen her limping. Had she hurt herself? When? I was tempted to stop, but if we did there wouldn’t be a chance for either of us. Getting out of the woods would be our only hope.

I focused my eyes back to our destination when the feel of her hand in mine began to change. It was softer… Like fur. I stopped then. Slowly, I twisted my neck and looked back at her. Her black hair fell before her face and her shoulders trembled. The hand I held began to shift into something paw like.

I dropped it.

A dark sound escaped her throat. At first I thought it was a sob, but as the sound grew I recognized it for menacing laughter. Her head lifted itself slowly rolling to the side. Her eyes glowed red from behind her bangs as she gleefully laughed to the heavens. I watched in horror as her bones snapped back with a chorus of cracks. I winced at the disfigured being before me, changing.

I could hear the screaming voice inside my head ordering me, begging me to run. But the snow felt like cement encasing my feet inside of it. My heart beat erratically against the walls of my esophagus. I tried to swallow it down. It wouldn’t dislodge.

Before I knew it, she was before me. But not as the girl I thought I knew. But as my enemy. As a wolf. She lifted her snout, covered in white fur as she called to her pack by howling at the moon. I could see her breath curl out of her mouth like blue smoke.

It was over. It was all over.

Another short story inspired by picture it & write. The same picture also inspired my poem Moon Child. Check them out!

I Should Have Known


Paranoia sinking in

Memories left on my skin

Close my eyes to escape

But you found me

You always found me.

Snowflakes falling to the ground

Landing there without a sound

You took my hand in yours

And you led me astray

Led me astray.

I should have known when our eyes met

I should have known when our lips colided

I should have known when our skin touched

That you were trouble, trouble

And that you’d ruin me.

The taste of danger on your tongue

Things we did were so wrong.

The static generated through our skin

Electric, Electric.couple kissing

Tideless waters in my lungs

The rumors when I was young

You always had control of me

Hypnotic, hypnotic.

I should have known when our eyes met

I should have known when our lips colided

I should have known when our skin touched

That you were trouble, trouble

And that you’d ruin me.

I should have seen when you didn’t call

I should have realized when I lost it all

I should have known when you broke my heart

That you would vanished, vanished

And that you’d abandon me.

I hear your steps in the snow

I turn around but you are gone

Perhaps this print you left inside

Will melt away


snow heart