Many hearts are caught in this game we’ve played But tonight, that will all change. The second-hand ticks-ticks away But the minutes take hours, the hours take days. When I see you tonight, when we meet face to face How will you be feeling, what will you say? Will your eyes dance like aContinue reading “Bound”


At the thought of you with her… At the sight of your tongue dancing with hers… At the thought of your hands intertwined… At the sound of her laughter, divine… At the thought you were in love… At the sight of her shuddering under your touch… At the thought I might not be enough… At theContinue reading “Envy”

The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins Wrap me up in fire The Devil’s flaming tongue Curses as I enter Below the ground Below the earth So far down It begins to hurt I’m only human The seven deadly sins.     This poem actually used to be part of a song I wrote a few years backContinue reading “The Seven Deadly Sins”