So what if it's a nice day? That does not mean I want to go out to play In fact, I think I will take rest here Under my warm comforter. So what if I'm supposed to go to work? That does not mean I will In fact, I think I will call in sick … Continue reading Sloth


Anger The swelling rage Pulsing On the back of my membrane Fury The soar taste on my tongue Foaming On the front of my gums Wrath The heat spreading like wings inside my chest Flapping With the sound of your last breath


At the thought of you with her... At the sight of your tongue dancing with hers... At the thought of your hands intertwined... At the sound of her laughter,┬ádivine... At the thought you were in love... At the sight of her shuddering under your touch... At the thought I might not be enough... At the … Continue reading Envy


I indulge Because there's a void I try to fill But every thing I touch becomes destroyed. The ashes mix In my mouth like dirty water I swallow down the flames But something still feels empty So I keep consuming.