For The Last Time

The silence screams your name Every where I turn I see your face It feels like you’re haunting me Because no matter where I go Because every step I take I cannot breathe And you’re gone, you’re leaving You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding For the last time, for the last time I give my heart awayContinue reading “For The Last Time”

Rabbit Hole

There’s a humming in my brain A pounding in my chest A ringing in my ear From the voice that knows me best And your eyes Pull me into my demise. Like glowing embers they burn Around the center of gravity Your black hole it pulls Me into insanity Here I go Down the rabbitContinue reading “Rabbit Hole”


When you fall in love You cannot fall out Is that why You make me want to shout? I want to scream At the sight of your face At the moments we shared Gone to waste. I want to shriek At the energy spent Trying to figure you out And your sly comments. I wantContinue reading “Worn-Out”