He could hear the ticking echo through his ears. When the minute hand moved he felt the stinging in his heart which grew stronger and stronger. He knew he was running out of time. His breath felt like thunder, shaking in his bones. Each step he ran was a race against the hour hand. Tick.Continue reading “Tick-Tock”

Too Good To Be True

There is no way you are real Everything you say and feel Is too good to be true Just who exactly made you? There must be a zipper on your bare back Gears behind your eyelids Where do you hold your battery pack? Or do you have to plug into an outlet? Is there someContinue reading “Too Good To Be True”

2012: A New Race

Here is one of my favorite  short stories. I wanted to make it into a novel but I am quite the procrastinator and 2012 is right around the corner! 2010: A New Race Back when the world was in chaos, when natural resources were scarce,and people stopped caring about the world  and each other; backContinue reading “2012: A New Race”