Warm December


That ring on your finger,
Yes the one that’s been missing
I think of it and wonder
What the hell am I doing?

But your brown eyes glow like embers
Attracting me to the flames
Lured by your warmth in this December
I am coated in shame.

And I know I am better than this
But I don’t want to be
Because when we’re hip to hip
Desire controls me.

Ode to Pearl


Oh pearl, held up high

You, my dear, could reach the sky.

Oh pearl, glistening in the light

You are a blinding, magnificent sight.

Oh pearl, the object of two girls on my ring

There you are between them, reaching.

Oh pearl, can’t you see?

The mermaids who hold you belong to me.

Oh pearl, do you realize now?

You are the commitment

Which comes from an engagement.