Hot and Cold


All words have already been said
What more can I say to describe the way you get into my head?
You bring me to heaven
The moon
Then back again
To finish me off with the heat of your breath
On my tongue
Into my lungs
Keeping your eyes on mine
Your gaze is my kryptonite.
You’re hotter than the sun
My skin burns under your touch
But your eyes
Like cool rays of ice
You keep me hot and cold
Begging for more



So what if it’s a nice day?
That does not mean I want to go out to play
In fact, I think I will take rest here
Under my warm comforter.

So what if I’m supposed to go to work?
That does not mean I will
In fact, I think I will call in sick
And order in some food.

So what If I am lazy?
I like it this way,
Laying in bed
And sleeping the days away.



At the thought of you with her…
At the sight of your tongue dancing with hers…

At the thought of your hands intertwined…
At the sound of her laughter, divine…

At the thought you were in love…
At the sight of her shuddering under your touch…

At the thought I might not be enough…
At the realization I’ve got to stop…

Stop this jealousy…
I have conjured with my mind…

Stop the envy…
Gurgling inside…

Moon Child


I want to live forever
I want to see the world
But I am just a girl
Poor and alone
With no family of my own
Still I want to live forever
And see the world.

Dear goddess of the moon
Please make my dream come true
I will do what ever you wish
Please help me Miss.

My soul?
I suppose that’s OK
What will I need it for
If I’m going to live for eternity?

My, My, Moon,
You shine so bright.
Your one eye stairs down at me
So full tonight.
Tell me what is this tingly feeling in my skin?
What kind of voodoo are you working with?

My bones feel hollow
As they crack and break
I would call out for help
But I have no one to name
My body feels foreign
In its new shape.

Colors are void
With these new eyes of mine
Miles away I can smell fresh blood
As sweet as wine.
My paws dig into loose dirt
As I travel to a nearby pond
Peaking in I can see the result of my rebirth.

In my reflection I see
A wolf looking back at me.
You take me for a fool?
“If this is what it takes to make my dreams come true
Then so be it!”
I howled to the moon.

This weeks picture it & write inspired this poem as well as a short story ( The Wolf’s Howl)! <—-Check them out ;]

The Seven Deadly Sins


The seven deadly sins

Wrap me up in fire

The Devil’s flaming tongue

Curses as I enter

Below the ground

Below the earth

So far down

It begins to hurt

I’m only human

The seven deadly sins.



This poem actually used to be part of a song I wrote a few years back during the summer when I locked myself in my room with my guitar and just spewed out a ton of songs. I never quite liked the lyrics but the chorus always stuck with me so I thought by turning it into a poem I could launch a series of poems about each of the “Seven Deadly Sins”!