Feels Like Home

It took you about fifteen minutes to park, I kept busy by writing in my notebook, trying to get all my ideas down on paper so I wouldn’t forget later; because let’s admit it, I always forget come later. You ease yourself into a parking spot that anyone else would have had trouble with. WeContinue reading “Feels Like Home”

The Last Time

  He found himself at her door. Like so many times before. But he couldn’t remember how he got there. It seemed all roads lead to her. It was a warm but cool night. He could taste its humidity on his tongue. Had he walked? Did he drive? He couldn’t remember. Nor could he tearContinue reading “The Last Time”

Too Bad

I don’t know how we got here I don’t know how to escape I don’t know why my heart Keeps beating your name. And it’s killing me… And it’s killing me… There’s a hole in my chest That burns with every breath But when you take my hand It stings a little less Because youContinue reading “Too Bad”

The Silence Says

In that second it took that you didn’t respond Time around me had stopped I could hear nothing but the sound of my breath As my heart sunk from my chest I had my fingers mentally crossed And hoped those three words back you would toss I held my breath but never saw your mouthContinue reading “The Silence Says”

My home, My haven

Your irises like crystal waters swimming around your pupils. Your skin looks like a snow canvas but only spreads warmth. Your hands blank and wide tightly grips onto mine. Your lips full and thin are soft then firm. Your presence is guarded but I’m prepared to knock down your walls because your embrace is myContinue reading “My home, My haven”

Another Father’s Day Poem

We’ve had our rough times We’ve had our good ones We’ve had our fights And we’ve had our laughs But no matter what we had between us There was always love ~ Happy Father’s Day, I love you ❤ ~ And happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there ;]

Burns Like Water

My love for you burns like water Impossible but true Your hands ignite the flame inside my chest cavity A clear blue. And it dances on a candle wick Melting away the ice That once encased my heart Like a non-penetrable device. Yet somehow you broke through With the most precise slice. Now the waterContinue reading “Burns Like Water”

I Am Yours

You hold me under your spell I know it all too well The emotions gurgling inside Bubble and boil Under your command. I am your puppet A dancing little gadget You keep me in your pocket Pulling me out Like your private little poet. I am your voodoo doll Life size and all Even gotContinue reading “I Am Yours”

Those Three Words

Those three words they run in circles around my head pulsing against the walls giving me a migraine. Those three words pumping in my heart jumping at the sound of your voice and lightly humming when you’re gone. Those three words haunt my every move whenever I am around you I fear letting them loose.Continue reading “Those Three Words”