Feels Like Home


It took you about fifteen minutes to park, I kept busy by writing in my notebook, trying to get all my ideas down on paper so I wouldn’t forget later; because let’s admit it, I always forget come later.

You ease yourself into a parking spot that anyone else would have had trouble with.

We climb out of the car and are welcomed by the ninety-seven degree heat. We embark on our journey just down the road until we hit sand. Immediately, we are greeted with the scent of sunblock and the view of the sun glistening over the ocean ripples.

“Look at the waves,” you awed. They came up in the distance only to break, crashing down just before the shore. I ran off ahead. My right foot stepped into water first. It was chilly, then warm. Each step took me deeper and deeper as the water slapped against me. Then, when I was in shoulders deep, I turned to watch you run through the sand and into the ocean. A big smile on your face as your thick, dark brown hair caught in the wind making you look a joyous and oblivious as a little kid.

A big wave came curling up from behind me. I jumped, with my arms out before me, and rode it into shore to meet up with you. You take me in your strong arms, pulling me against your bare chest, and with my legs wrapped around your waist, you carry me out deeper. Small waves come and go and we hop to float over them, watching them roll to shore.

I’m happy here. In the warm water, under the hot southern sun, with you. It feels like home.

A big wave comes and you throw me over. For a brief second, I’m free-falling, then I hit and sink and laugh. Another one comes and I let it carry me away.

You chose to be defiant. Stand your ground. The waves crash into you and you never falter. Your hazel eyes are locked onto me, squinting in the sunlight. Your pink lips are tight, determined. Your hair is so dark from being wet that it almost looks black and it’s all disheveled from the ocean water beating against you. And the best part about it is, you don’t even know how sexy you look just then.

But I do.

And being here with you, in this new place, it feels like home.

Another Picture it & Write inspiration!

The Last Time



He found himself at her door. Like so many times before. But he couldn’t remember how he got there. It seemed all roads lead to her.

It was a warm but cool night. He could taste its humidity on his tongue.

Had he walked? Did he drive? He couldn’t remember. Nor could he tear his eyes off of the front door to look for clues. It stood before him tall and looming. The white paint glowed in the darkness like a lantern. He couldn’t even bring himself to knock.

Would she answer if he did? She was probably in her room, all alone, asleep. She probably wouldn’t even hear him.

He whispered her name.

She could feel his call lingering like a sigh through her bones.

She could hear his heart thumping like a jack-rabbit just beyond her front door. If she laid still enough, maybe he would leave. Leave her home. Leave her memory.


She found herself unlocking the front door like she had been in some sort of hypnotic trance.

Their eyes met.

Her heart stopped.

His heart slowed down.

It felt better just to see her face again. Calmed him. And he told her this. “I’m sorry,” he added.

He was wearing his best apology, but not even that was enough. Not after all the times she had let him in, just for him to leave. Was it worth risking another heartbreak?

He knew every promise he had made in the past, he had also broken. Anything he could have said, she would have perceived as a lie.

“Can I come in?”

She didn’t answer but positioned herself in the middle of the doorway, a hand ready to smack that front door right in his face.


She adverted her eyes from his. His crystal eyes always made her weak. She needed strength.

“The last time I let you in, you shattered my grandmother’s porcelain vase.” Her words weren’t grudgeful or sad. They were light and heavy all at once. Just like the night’s summer air.

“I know,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

Again, he pleaded, “Will you let me in?”

She closed her eyes. The way her long lashes fluttered over her rosemary cheeks made the flame in his chest dance. “How long has it been this time?

“Four months.”

She scoffed. “How do I know I can trust you?”

He spoke so low even he couldn’t hear himself whimper, “That’s not fair.”

“Not fair?” She laughed, but her face twisted into a knot. She laughed, but tears streamed from both of her eyes. She laughed. She sobbed. And right before him, she was breaking. There was no where for her to hide or for him. No other reasons why, just the two of them.

He broke. He was at fault, he knew. And he knew he never wanted to be the reason she didn’t smile. Be the reason she cried. “I will never hurt you again,” he swore. “I’m done with that stuff for good.”

She collapsed to her knees. Her auburn hair fell before her face like branches of a willow, shielding herself from him. This is why he was surprised when he knelt down next to her and put his arm around her, that she folded into his chest. She gripped onto his shirt with her fists and cried so hard her entire body shook against his and her throat started to become raw. With a gasp for air she said, “This is the last time I’m asking you, put my name at the top of you list.”

“Of course.”

She calmed down slightly afterwards. Tears fell silently off the point of her chin and her heart still struggled to get back to its smooth rhythmic beat. Between hiccups she repeated, “This is the last time.”

He helped her to her feet.

“This is the last time.”

He lifted her so that her head rested in the nook between his head and his shoulder.

“This is the last time.”

He carried her in.

Too Bad


I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know how to escape
I don’t know why my heart
Keeps beating your name.
And it’s killing me…
And it’s killing me…
There’s a hole in my chest
That burns with every breath
But when you take my hand
It stings a little less
Because you heal me…
Because you heal me…
There are stars in your eyes
Like a rocket, together we fly
Too bad you are not mine…
I don’t know where we go from here
I don’t if we can move forward
Seems like we’re stuck where we are
In the realm of dirty, guilty hearts
And it’s killing me…
And it’s killing me…
I am a prisoner in your chest
Your rib cage holds me back
When you cry your heart turns blue
When I cry, I cry over you
Because we can’t be…
Because we can’t be…
There are stars in your eyes
Like a rocket, together we fly
All through space and time
Too bad you are not mine
Too bad you will never be mine
Because when our lips touch
And our eyes meet
There is no where else I’d rather be
And it’s killing me.

The Silence Says


In that second it took that you didn’t respond

Time around me had stopped

I could hear nothing but the sound of my breath

As my heart sunk from my chest

I had my fingers mentally crossed

And hoped those three words back you would toss

I held my breath but never saw your mouth move

The silence said it all, “I don’t love you”.

My home, My haven


Your irises like crystal waters

swimming around your pupils.

Your skin looks like a snow canvas

but only spreads warmth.

Your hands blank and wide

tightly grips onto mine.

Your lips full and thin

are soft then firm.

Your presence is guarded

but I’m prepared to knock down your walls

because your embrace is my home;

your arms are my haven.

Burns Like Water


My love for you burns like water
Impossible but true
Your hands ignite the flame inside my chest cavity
A clear blue.
And it dances on a candle wick
Melting away the ice
That once encased my heart
Like a non-penetrable device.
Yet somehow you broke through
With the most precise slice.
Now the water dances on and on
Like a flame
Beautiful and pure
This love cannot be tamed.
Such a flame cannot be extinguished
Nor can it be contained
It will continue to burn on
Melting all the ice away.

I Am Yours


You hold me under your spell
I know it all too well
The emotions gurgling inside
Bubble and boil
Under your command.

I am your puppet
A dancing little gadget
You keep me in your pocket
Pulling me out
Like your private little poet.

I am your voodoo doll
Life size and all
Even got an energy pack installed
Even though I can walk tall
For you, I just crawl.

You have my binded to you with magic
And I pretend not to feel it
To feel the technologic
Heart fluttering in my chest
The love I burn for you makes no sense.

Those Three Words


Those three words

they run in circles around my head

pulsing against the walls

giving me a migraine.

Those three words

pumping in my heart

jumping at the sound of your voice

and lightly humming when you’re gone.

Those three words

haunt my every move

whenever I am around you

I fear letting them loose.

Would it be so bad if I do?

Those three words

if said aloud

would they be the end of this

(whatever this is)

or the beginning of something new?

Those three words

out in the open

would you say them back to me,

or would my heart be left broken?