Falling To Pieces

Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces I am a broken puzzle On the floor at your door You left me there to Pull myself together But I don’t know how These pieces fit Now I am just useless You build me up to knock me down And I letContinue reading “Falling To Pieces”

Help Me

Gather up The broken pieces of my soul Throw away All my memories that are cold. Put together The puzzle of my heart That was Shattered by a dart. Fix up My lost sight Help me Find the quickly dimming light. Whisper to Me stories of endless love Lie and Say life isn’t tough. PromiseContinue reading “Help Me”

Puzzle Pieces

I feel so broken down And heartless. I didn’t mean to hurt Anyone in my wake. Why must they fall so easily And take bullets for me, When I can’t manage to give all of my heart away? I’m tired of the frowning faces, Tired of making glass brake. I’m tired of getting puzzle piecesContinue reading “Puzzle Pieces”