Wildest Dreams- Haunted: A Poem


Dark clouds in my head

Rain cascades over my ribs

Salty and acidic

Eroding my bones

I am broken


And so far gone lost.

I thought this would be a good poem for Wildest Dreams. A little side project I am working on. Read part of it here, a picture-it & write inspiration!

The Cycle



Wind down
After a long week
Hours slip by
One, two, three
I never see you
[Only in my dreams]
And the kisses are few
Far in between
I want time to stand still
With me in your arms
Let’s forget about the daily grind
Or jobs and our chores
I want to stay in this moment we call the weekend
Before my eyes close
Because when I blink the moment ends
And I’ll have to face what I already know
We’re doomed to repeat the cycle
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
I can’t even remember how to smile
[On the inside]
So let’s just stay here
In our Saturday
And break the cycle now
No more heartache
I just want to hold your hand
No more pain
I just miss my best friend

Let Me In


With each step further

The cold creeps up my spine

Behind the bushy clouds

The sun hides behind.

I want to be apart of you

If you’ll let me inside

I want us to be one

Rolling, soundless tide.

I wade further into you

The freeze gripping my chest

With the cold pain

I hold my breath.

Suddenly there is warmth

And I know you have let me in

My muscles relax

I feel my body sinking… sinking.