What Is Real?

I feel like I am in a dream

And the particles that make me

Are vibrating

Shifting from solid form

Into nothing.

Am I a ghost?

A stranger smiles my way.

I must be real.

Unless this is all fake.

How do you tell if you’re alive

When even pain just feels like a distant memory?

The Cycle


Wind down
After a long week
Hours slip by
One, two, three
I never see you
[Only in my dreams]
And the kisses are few
Far in between
I want time to stand still
With me in your arms
Let’s forget about the daily grind
Or jobs and our chores
I want to stay in this moment we call the weekend
Before my eyes close
Because when I blink the moment ends
And I’ll have to face what I already know
We’re doomed to repeat the cycle
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
I can’t even remember how to smile
[On the inside]
So let’s just stay here
In our Saturday
And break the cycle now
No more heartache
I just want to hold your hand
No more pain
I just miss my best friend



I guess my problem is I am always looking in the rearview mirror

But when I look ahead, the path is unclear.

I’m trying
I’m trying but the wheel won’t turn

I’m screaming
I’m screaming to be heard

I guess my problem is I always fork left

I listen to my gut and not my head.

Day At The Lake

The way my body slices through yours

The way you slip through my fingers

The way your sight arouses my senses

The way your touch lets me awaken

The way you unlock my inner Mer

The way you melt away the suffer

The way you and I become one

The way I feel empty when I go back home.

Ode To Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun: by *bittersweetvenom on deviantART

Oh sun beating down on me, your kin
You make me darker than the original color of my skin
But it’s not your effect that I love
It’s the warmth that you bring to my heart.