Japanese Maple


“Late Autumn Japanese Maple” – Mill Valley, California – Ed Callaert – As featured on PhotoBotos

Oh, Japanese Maple
Through your twisted branches I see
Thin rays of sun
Pouring down on me.
You reach up
And out with your spiraled arms
Your trunk thick and sturdy
Rooted in my yard.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The beauty you spread
With your pink hair
Dancing in the wind.
Your leaves,
How they sway back and forth
Like a pendulum
In tune with the beat of my heart.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The breaths you take
You swallow them whole
As your blossoms fly away, away!
Oh, Japanese Maple
The memories you bring
Of the times that have passed by
Sense you were just a seed.

Bleeding Forest


In the forest of scarlet
I was lost
Trailing next to a trickling stream
Of blood.
Light sprinkled in through the
Berry leaves
I trudged through the thistle that reached
My knees.
The sun began to set, the path
Out stretched.
The smell of copper and metal greeted my senses and landed
On my tongue.
Scrapes and cuts through
My flesh
Where the branches
Had scratched.
Eventually I could go on
No more.
Fallen and spread out on the red-painted
I succumbed to the forest which

I wrote this poem from a picture featured on _picture it & write!