Postpartum Fitness Program Postpartum Refresh Phase One – Coming Soon

The Postpartum Fitness Program, Postpartum Refresh, is my baby. I have been creating, refining, and perfecting this program since 2018! The workouts within this program are ones I have done myself to help me ease back into exercise postpartum, connect with my core, lose fat, build muscle, and find my confidence. I have been DYINGContinue reading “Postpartum Fitness Program Postpartum Refresh Phase One – Coming Soon”

Survive the Holidays with your Dietary Restrictions

I recently had an experience where I was writhing in pain, so nauseas I couldn’t eat, and stuck in bed all day. All because I had been eating too many of the foods I’m sensitive too. Recovering from that, I did a fasting-mimicking diet, and having to sit through meals eating something different from everyoneContinue reading “Survive the Holidays with your Dietary Restrictions”