I was realizing today that it has been 4 months since I have been out of the dark tunnel and into the light. I thought it was about time I shared that journey, into the right kind of love, with everyone. I am going crazy Somebody please save me from myself I don’t want toContinue reading “Firefly”


  Many hearts are caught in this game we’ve played But tonight, that will all change. The second-hand ticks-ticks away But the minutes take hours, the hours take days. When I see you tonight, when we meet face to face How will you be feeling, what will you say? Will your eyes dance like aContinue reading “Bound”

I am Winter

It’s winter again The cold has rolled in The frost has started and The ice took my heart again. I am frozen I am cold I can’t feel I don’t see the point any more. The snow is sticking now It twinkles like fallen stars But it melts at your touch Because it was emptyContinue reading “I am Winter”

Take Me Away

Swing, swing Take me away Push back and forth Higher, higher! Swing, swing Lift me from this seat Bring me to places I’ve never seen Further and further away Up, up, up! {chorus} Take me away, through the air Feel the cool wind in my hair As we soar through the night, over the landContinue reading “Take Me Away”

A Stressed Poetic Vent

There’s so many Thoughts and feelings I’m experiencing Right now And I’m trying my damnest To get them all out On to paper And into words Truth be told I have no idea what’s going on In my head In my heart I want to blame it on others But for what? Why am IContinue reading “A Stressed Poetic Vent”