Postpartum Confessions: I stopped loving my cat


When my husband and I moved to South Carolina, we were still just dating. Not only that but we had just started dating about 6 months prior. Kyle knew getting into a relationship with me that SC was my end goal. I just don’t think either of us expected it to be so quick. When we went down to Folly Beach on vacation, I had a job interview and when they offered it to me, I took it and we moved down a month later. It was insane.

It was around 3 months after the move that I got a job at a publishing agency. At that time we were able to get into a nicer place. A townhouse. With the odd hours we worked, Kyle would drive me into work early in the morning. Then, he would meet me at my job and I would take a break to run him to work before driving back to work myself. I’d go pick him up late at night, early in the morning, we’d drive home and do it all again. We didn’t see much of each other this way. We mostly were just struggling to make it work. And somehow, we did.

Nights were lonely. I remember one evening, Kyle must have had the day off. He was waiting to pick me up from work and went over to the pet store. He picked me up and told me of the small black kitten he had found. She’s so sweet, he had said. We went back together. We played with this cute, outgoing kitty cat. We liked her. We sat on it for the night and went back for her the next day. Her name is Natasha, and years later, she is still ours.

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Another Mothers Day Poem


You have always been there to bandage up a cut knee,

Even now when I am nineteen.

The tears you cry

Are my own

The things you feel

I feel in my soul.

You always gave me a push

When I felt like a wuss.

You would pick me up when I was down

The thought of you not being around

Tears my heart to threads.

If you were ever gone, I would be one heck of a mess.

You are my best-friend

I cherish each and every moment we spend.

No matter if we agree or disagree

No matter if we’re laughing or fighting

I couldn’t love you any more

Have a great day, Mother. ❤


I love you mom, happy mothers day!
And happy mothers day to all the Moms out there!!