#miscarriageawareness Part Two


After my first miscarriage, I decided to really focus on my health again. I had gone through a few jobs and worked weird hours, but I was at the point where I could make fitness a constant part of my routine again, so I did. Before my wedding PIIT28 got me in shape, and I knew it could do it again.

Even after the move from South Carolina to Virginia, I made fitness a part of my daily routine. I was eating healthy meals, getting in my workouts, and fitting in additional exercise by walking around the lake. Even though it was a fun Spring, it was still very hard getting used to living in a new place and not having any friends. I was still trying to understand my feelings about the miscarriage, and was biding time until we could try for a baby again. I knew we had to wait. We wanted to wait. Until Kyle and I both had jobs.

Then, it was great lights.

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#miscarriageawareness Part One


Did you know that 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage? Does that number seem low to you? Because it does to me. In fact, if I was someone who never experienced a miscarriage I would look at those statistics and think, well that’s never going to happen to me!

Here’s another statistic for you, there are 3 million reported miscarriages in the US a year. Now that number is scary.

Miscarriage is something that is not talked about enough considering how many women it effects. I’m willing to bet you know someone, or maybe a couple of people who have had to deal with the loss of an unborn baby; whether you knew about it or not.

I had an aunt who had a miscarriage. One of my best friends had a miscarriage. When they each went through that loss, both times I said, “I can’t imagine what she’s going through. That’s my worst nightmare.”

Then, on December 2016, my worst nightmare came true.

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Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

Can we take an honest moment to talk about body shaming? We all know body shaming is a thing, whether it’s body shaming oneself or someone else. Whether the person being shamed is “fat” or “too skinny” people can’t seem to keep their opinions to themselves. Some people even think that their opinions of how other people look will bully them into making a change, when in fact it could have extremely detrimental effects on a person’s health. Here are some terrifying statistics for you from an article, “Shutting Down Body Shaming,” by Allison Abrams. “Multiple studies have shown the negative impact of the media on body image. Exposure to photoshopped images of unrealistic body ideals has been linked to low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S., resulting in at least one death every 62 minutes.”

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BabyLum Car Mirror – A review


Since the day we took Kiara home from the hospital, I have wanted a backseat car mirror so I could see her. So I could see if she was OK, if she was breathing, or if she was awake or asleep. You know, the usual mom worries. The problem was all the car mirrors we saw went over the headrest of the back seat and there are only headrests on the passenger and driver’s side back seats. Not over the middle seat where Kiara’s car seat rested. 

When I received the car mirror from BabyLum, I was both excited and nervous that it wasn’t going to work for us right now, but at least it could work for us when the new baby arrived and the car seats would be moved to the passenger and driver side back seats. I honestly, could not have been any more pleasantly surprised.

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Another Mothers Day Poem


You have always been there to bandage up a cut knee,

Even now when I am nineteen.

The tears you cry

Are my own

The things you feel

I feel in my soul.

You always gave me a push

When I felt like a wuss.

You would pick me up when I was down

The thought of you not being around

Tears my heart to threads.

If you were ever gone, I would be one heck of a mess.

You are my best-friend

I cherish each and every moment we spend.

No matter if we agree or disagree

No matter if we’re laughing or fighting

I couldn’t love you any more

Have a great day, Mother. ❤


I love you mom, happy mothers day!
And happy mothers day to all the Moms out there!!