The words written on your lips
Were nothing but a murmur
When I read what they said
My heart stuttered
A response got caught inside my chest
I looked back at you, out of breath
When I saw your smile
Time slowed down
I could hear nothing
But the echo of my voice
Did you mean it?
Was all I could ask
You answered with a simple
Then my head went faint
And my heart sputtered back to life
I love you too
I replied

Those Three Words


Those three words

they run in circles around my head

pulsing against the walls

giving me a migraine.

Those three words

pumping in my heart

jumping at the sound of your voice

and lightly humming when you’re gone.

Those three words

haunt my every move

whenever I am around you

I fear letting them loose.

Would it be so bad if I do?

Those three words

if said aloud

would they be the end of this

(whatever this is)

or the beginning of something new?

Those three words

out in the open

would you say them back to me,

or would my heart be left broken?