The Window To His Heart

I'm tired of looking through the window At the sun, shining above. I'm tired of pressing agaist the glass Longing for the lush feel of your skin. Let me out of the dark Let me out of the dark Will you ever let me into your heart? --------- Another Picture It & Write Inspiration!

Blood Pumping

I don't like chasing I like being chased But you've got my heart racing When you call out my name My blood is pumping Throughout my veins I can hear it rushing Like water down the drain   This was an old draft I found, thought it was time to publish!


You've gotten under my skin The layers are paper-thin But made of diamond. Somehow you've penetrated the deepest layer And put me under your spell and I don't care. You must know This is unusual, for me.


It’s like my first winter I’m happy and carefree No one can bring me down Because you keep me smiling Just the thought of you I am see-through I think I like you Not used to feeling the way I do I think I like you The sky has never been so blue before I … Continue reading Spark