My home, My haven


Your irises like crystal waters

swimming around your pupils.

Your skin looks like a snow canvas

but only spreads warmth.

Your hands blank and wide

tightly grips onto mine.

Your lips full and thin

are soft then firm.

Your presence is guarded

but I’m prepared to knock down your walls

because your embrace is my home;

your arms are my haven.

My Love


From the moment I saw you

I was in love

And I carried it

For so long

I tried to give it to you

But you would turn it down

Even when it looked like you wanted to accept

You wouldn’t let me know

So I carried it around

Holding it safe in my heart

Until you were ready

Until I was crippled from the hurt

Eventually I could take no more

And just as I was ready to set it free

You admitted defeat

From the moment you kissed me

I knew I was in love

I am trusting you now

With my fragile heart

Please be gentle

Don’t let it fall apart

Please keep it safe

In the haven of your arms