Japanese Maple


“Late Autumn Japanese Maple” – Mill Valley, California – Ed Callaert – As featured on PhotoBotos

Oh, Japanese Maple
Through your twisted branches I see
Thin rays of sun
Pouring down on me.
You reach up
And out with your spiraled arms
Your trunk thick and sturdy
Rooted in my yard.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The beauty you spread
With your pink hair
Dancing in the wind.
Your leaves,
How they sway back and forth
Like a pendulum
In tune with the beat of my heart.

Oh, Japanese Maple
The breaths you take
You swallow them whole
As your blossoms fly away, away!
Oh, Japanese Maple
The memories you bring
Of the times that have passed by
Sense you were just a seed.

Going Green Part 1


So in my last blog post She’s Alive I vaguely mentioned my new job for the company that makes and sells all natural products. As I promise I will review the products that I bought (all honest no BS).

OK so I bought Shampoo+Conditioner, Chapstick, Gum, Mouthwash, Tooth Polish, Anti-bacterial Hand Soap,  Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Body Wash, Allergy Medicine.

Now, as soon as I recieved my package the first thing I did was smear on some chapstick, because I had run out a few days ago and am cursed with the worse dry/chapped lips. The first one I tried out was Mint, which I must say was a very good choice on my part. The instant I applied it, it was like I could feel my lips healing. Similar to Burt’s Bees, the mint flavor provides that nice tingly feeling.

Second I threw in a piece of gum. While providing a strong minty burst of flavor, it was short lived. I was quite disappointing, however after passing it along, my fiance, younger brother, and father all quite enjoyed it. It seems it was just me on that one :-\

Later that night before bed my fiance and I tried out the tooth polish. The first time was not all that quite enjoyable. While it worked wonderfully, it had a quite…unique taste. Needless to say he does not use it anymore. I still use it regularly and find that you kind of just get use to it.

Now for the hair and body products! The shampoo and conditioner alone make it worth shopping with this company. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, snarly hair, dry scalp, dead ends, just all around damaged? Well I was constantly changing my hair products trying to find the right stuff. And after trying out Wen, which was a little too expensive, going to Organix, and then I found this company. Have you ever noticed how after using shampoo there really isn’t much of a difference? And sometimes it leaves a residue? Well to my surprise after one was with this shampoo my hair felt instantly moisturized, clean, and just amazing. Usually it’s the conditioner that does it for me, but this was just the shampoo!! The conditioner of course was just as amazing. I could feel an immediate difference.  And ever since using them I haven’t had any dandruff 😀

The body wash and hand wash were also great. After each use my skin felt soft and smooth.

The deodorant was great, coming from someone who needs a strong antiperspirant.

Lastly the allergy medicine worked fine as well. I tend to forget to take it, but it works great when I do and is cheaper than the leading brands 😀

All the products are long lasting, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to run out of hand soap as its super concentrated and came in a good sized bottle compared to the price. Another thing I really like was the packaging. They waste nothing. I don’t know if you’ve ever bought something from Wal-Mart, but they are the most wasteful company I have ever shopped with. I’ll order something small and receive a HUGE box filled with plastic bubbles and then my little product at the bottom. However with this company I received everything in a small box, packed tightly and efficiently.

All in all I was quite pleasantly surprised with this company and its products and will give you a new review next month on all the differant products  I try out ;]