I am Winter


It’s winter again
The cold has rolled in
The frost has started and
The ice took my heart again.
I am frozen
I am cold
I can’t feel
I don’t see the point any more.
The snow is sticking now
It twinkles like fallen stars
But it melts at your touch
Because it was empty from the start.
I am hallow
Wind blows through me
I can’t feel
So I’m done pretending.
As dead as leafless trees
I stand with a slight desire within me
To live long enough for spring
When maybe I can begin blossoming
But as the night carries on
With no sign of day
I give up waiting for dawn
And just accept the gray.




Believe that I tried to say goodbye
It’s just that your smile brought me to shame
And my legs grew heavier as I tried to back away.

Believe that I was going to let you go
And end this whole charade
But your skin brushed against mine and everything grew gray.

Believe that I know this is wrong
And I know you do too
So why is it the right thing is just so hard to do?