Many hearts are caught in this game we’ve played But tonight, that will all change. The second-hand ticks-ticks away But the minutes take hours, the hours take days. When I see you tonight, when we meet face to face How will you be feeling, what will you say? Will your eyes dance like aContinue reading “Bound”

I Am Yours

You hold me under your spell I know it all too well The emotions gurgling inside Bubble and boil Under your command. I am your puppet A dancing little gadget You keep me in your pocket Pulling me out Like your private little poet. I am your voodoo doll Life size and all Even gotContinue reading “I Am Yours”

Like a Violin

My heart is strumming in your hand You play it like a violin You’ve got my soul in your grips Going to keep me hanging on your starship Reach into the galaxy Pull out a star for me Burning in my chest Where my love once rest. You’ve got me under your spell You playContinue reading “Like a Violin”