For The Last Time


The silence screams your name

Every where I turn I see your face

It feels like you’re haunting me

Because no matter where I go

Because every step I take

I cannot breathe

And you’re gone, you’re leaving

You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding

For the last time, for the last time

I give my heart away

Because it only breaks

Broken down, lifeless

I’ve lost the light, in the darkness

You reach out but my hand falls through yours

I hear your voice ringing in my mind

I can’t shake it out like water this time

When you say my name, when you say my name

I’m shaken again

Because you’re gone, you’re leaving

You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding

For the last time, for the last time

I give my heart away

Because it only breaks

Like meteors crashing down to earth

I’m falling

I’ve fallen so hard for you

And what was it worth?

What was it worth?

You’re eyes burn like fire

Attracting me to the flames

And you’re arms disguised as a safe haven

Where I only found shame

And you’re words, oh they sound so sweet

But you’re innocence ain’t gonna fool me any more

Can’t fool me any more

Because I’m gone, I’m leaving

This is my goodbye

I’m gone, I can’t keep bleeding

Because this is the last time

This is the last time

I’ll give away my heart

This is the last time

I’ll give away my heart






Many hearts are caught in this game we’ve played

But tonight, that will all change.

The second-hand ticks-ticks away

But the minutes take hours, the hours take days.

When I see you tonight, when we meet face to face

How will you be feeling, what will you say?

Will your eyes dance like a pair of flames, or will their light fade away?

Our hearts linger, together, in the shade

Intertwined by the sins we’ve made

And I know things cannot continue this way

But as night slowly follows day

I wonder which heart is bound to break.


Life Or Death


It blew its hot breath in my face
The clamminess of it sent shivers down my spine
I could tell by its methodical gaze
That it weighed my life in its claws.
Which would it choose?
The breath I dared not breath
Burned in my chest, just begging
Begging me to open my mouth
But I knew if I answered this request
I would be a dead man.
I kept as still as a statue
Or pretty damn close
As its tail slithered around me
And it jabbed at me with its nose.
Which would it choose?
My eyes risked themselves
As they looked around
At the armored men
Sprawled out, dead, on the ground.
For that was the fate
When you challenged the beast.
A certain death
As it sears the meat
Off your bones
In a fire tornado.
Oh the cities its burned!
The lives it takes
It rules the earth
With the most ferocious beauty.
My life
My death
Which will it be?
I sense the final decision being made
As it rears its scaly head toward my face.
Its nostrils flare with each breath
Like it takes pleasure
Playing with death.
Its tail slaps rhythmically
On the floor of the cave
Sending little tremors
Up my legs.
The eyes stare into me
The pupil’s a black diamond
It searches my eyes like it’s asking me a question.
Its eyes burst with lime green and yellow
Dancing like the fire it breaths
Around its unique pupils.
Its claw reaches to my face
And the breath I’ve held
Gives way.
The colors in its eyes
Snap and crackle
As it breathes out its toxic flames.
It’s all the same.

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