Love Your Scales: The Health and Fitness Tracking Journal – Coming Soon!

I’m excited to announce one of my new projects- the Love Your Scales Health and Fitness Tracking Journal. This is more than just a journal, in its pages we will work on goal setting, planning for success, and how to measure success in ways that will keep you motivated and feeling good. Sign up forContinue reading “Love Your Scales: The Health and Fitness Tracking Journal – Coming Soon!”

Pop Pilates with Mercedes

Hello, my beautiful Merfolk! And welcome to POP Pilates with Mercedes ✨ What is POP Pilates? We’re going to take Pilates moves on the mat and to the beat of some fun POP music Strength and flexibility workout that can be done in bare feet on nothing but a yoga mat or the floor ForContinue reading “Pop Pilates with Mercedes”

Lunge Challenge

Let’s do a 21 Day Lunge Challenge! Lunges – They are one of the most beneficial exercises we can do.  Did you know … Lunges work all muscles in the lower body – quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and all 3 of the glute muscles. They work the core, lower back and stabilizers –  Because lunges areContinue reading “Lunge Challenge”

305 Fitness Reflection

At the time I wrote this, pen to paper, sitting next to my daughter who is sitting on the potty, I don’t know yet if I am 305 certified. I’m feeling hopeful that i am, but that’s not what I want to focus on. I want to take a moment to reflect on the journey.Continue reading “305 Fitness Reflection”

For Every Mom on the Go: Dr. Scholl’s

As a mom, it’s no secret I’m always running around. Errands, doctor’s appointments, chasing Kiara outside, trying to get a workout in, and all life’s moments in between. That is why I’m so glad to have partnered up with Dr. Scholl’s® to try out their Stylish Step® insoles.