Passion and Desire

Your presence lingers I can feel the tips of your fingers on my naked skin. Your eyes burn like fire But your love is the cool kind of sin. You take me higher Passion and desire I wish I could fix you Your scent sticks to me like glue You’re the kind of mirror IContinue reading “Passion and Desire”


When you kiss my lips When you touch my skin There is nothing like the rush of your current When your hand’s in mine And our hearts are ignited I can do anything Don’t you feel it too? The energy that flows through You’re my river In a valley of dry land You’re my riverContinue reading “River”

For The Last Time

The silence screams your name Every where I turn I see your face It feels like you’re haunting me Because no matter where I go Because every step I take I cannot breathe And you’re gone, you’re leaving You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding For the last time, for the last time I give my heart awayContinue reading “For The Last Time”

Warm December

That ring on your finger, Yes the one that’s been missing I think of it and wonder What the hell am I doing? But your brown eyes glow like embers Attracting me to the flames Lured by your warmth in this December I am coated in shame. And I know I am better than thisContinue reading “Warm December”

I Am Yours

You hold me under your spell I know it all too well The emotions gurgling inside Bubble and boil Under your command. I am your puppet A dancing little gadget You keep me in your pocket Pulling me out Like your private little poet. I am your voodoo doll Life size and all Even gotContinue reading “I Am Yours”

I Could Jump

I could jump… No one is around to stop me. With just the slightest movement I could be falling Down into the river Raging on and on. I could fall… Right now off of this old wooden bridge If I were to do so, Would anyone even care? Would I be missed? Would my nameContinue reading “I Could Jump”