It’s incomplete

I told you

“Then finish it,”

You say.

But you must know I’ve tried

To walk away

To say goodbye

But we only repeat the cycle

End it with a, “hi”.

Then we kiss in perfect rhythm

We love in perfect rhyme

Yet, we are still incomplete

Because I’m scared to let it out

In fear you’ll leave my side

You are scared of the fall,

To leave it all behind.

And I can offer no promises

In the fear they won’t keep

All we have

Are two bodies of uncertainties

And our love;





She lifts herself from the water
Shedding her tail like dry skin
With her spear above her head
She prepares to strike down at the beast
Slithering beneath the surface
The storm rages on
Waves lapsing over the stone perch
In the distance a boat teeters over
On the verge of capsizing
She bears no notice
To anything but the green tail
Poking out of the water
A ray of light shines from beneath the storm clouds
Urging her on
The sounds of seagulls
Squawking in fear
Fills her being with courage.

Dance Rehersal


She sucks in the last of her breath

She can feel the pressure in her chest

Up on her tippy-toes and hold

If she could just prefect this move, she could have it all

She lets go of her breath

And lets her body gracefully slack

The curtain shuts and the crowd cheers

Dissipating all her fears

She opens her eyes

Revealing a darkly lit room

Now if she could only do this well

Tomorrow at the performance


Another _picture it & write inspiration!

Those Three Words


Those three words

they run in circles around my head

pulsing against the walls

giving me a migraine.

Those three words

pumping in my heart

jumping at the sound of your voice

and lightly humming when you’re gone.

Those three words

haunt my every move

whenever I am around you

I fear letting them loose.

Would it be so bad if I do?

Those three words

if said aloud

would they be the end of this

(whatever this is)

or the beginning of something new?

Those three words

out in the open

would you say them back to me,

or would my heart be left broken?



People run and hide

I thrust my head to the sky

They shelter themselves

I only want to come out

People retract their hands

I know you’re only a lamb

Even when your wild like a bore

I couldn’t love you anymore

They scatter

They are afraid

They don’t want your touch

And for you to fade

I only am drawn nearer

You take my breath away

I reach for you, my rain

And live for the aroma you make.

Cleanse me with your essence, so pure

You’re the most exhilarating downpour



I thought I saw you walking by

But your name I could not cry

Stuck underneath my tongue

Now I am hung

By the guilt I once felt

And feel again.

For the second time

I watched you exit my life.

Had I just opened my mouth

And called out

We could have made amends.

And if that wasn’t you,

The friend I once knew,

Then what would I do?

If they had walked away

Never responding to your name

Would I suffer a greater shame?

These answers I will never find

Because I was so hurt

I got left behind.