Having you at my side Always, with your hand in mine Protecting me from my own pride Protecting you from your fear of time In each other's arms we're safe Never worry, I've got you babe Even if the world comes to an end Stay with me. I know you'll Stay with me.


She lifts herself from the water Shedding her tail like dry skin With her spear above her head She prepares to strike down at the beast Slithering beneath the surface The storm rages on Waves lapsing over the stone perch In the distance a boat teeters over On the verge of capsizing She bears no … Continue reading Warrior


I thought I saw you walking by But your name I could not cry Stuck underneath my tongue Now I am hung By the guilt I once felt And feel again. For the second time I watched you exit my life. Had I just opened my mouth And called out We could have made amends. … Continue reading Shame