Damsel In Distress


Damsel in distress

    I am leaning on you, my prince
Bathing in your light of happiness
I am still a broken, twisted mess
I’ve always been the damsel in distress
You may have slayed the dragon
Woken me with true love’s kiss
But I’ve already been shattered to pieces of glass
Such a silly little damsel in distress
You may be the sun warming my skin
My hope, my beacon
But I am a long way from being anything more than human
And I want to take this journey with you, my prince
Learn to heal and fix this mess I’ve become
Yes, I am ready to begin this test
So I can stop being a damsel in distress.

Like a Violin


My heart is strumming in your hand
You play it like a violin
You’ve got my soul in your grips
Going to keep me hanging on your starship

Reach into the galaxy
Pull out a star for me
Burning in my chest
Where my love once rest.

You’ve got me under your spell
You play the craft so well
Hey there music man
Can you lead me out of this wonderland?

Down the rabbit hole
Bring me some tea
Go in for the gold
You’ve kept me empty

You play your harmony
Using my melody
As you pluck at the strings
My lungs are humming
I feel the music lulling me to sleep.

Reach into the sea
Play that harp for me
Once upon a time
Do I get a happy ending?

My life strums in your hand
You play my heart like a violin
I’m just a puppet to you now
Dancing on stage for your audience.

These are actually song lyrics believe it or not inspired by the music on Ermilia’s Listen & Write <——check it out!! Oddly after inspiring this writing, the lyrics don’t quite fit with the music :[ Oh well!

Don’t Let Me Go


So I have this weird knack for writing songs that would go with a story I have either, written, have started writing, or hope to someday write. This is one of them. To set the scene the story is kind of a little Mermaid spin-off (those are becoming popular now-a-days aren’t they?) In my defense I have harbored this idea for at least 5 years! It is about a girl, and at the age of ten saves a boy from drowning. Ever since both of them have fell in love with one another but when she comes to land on her 17th birthday as a human, the boy is unaware that the girl of his dreams is standing right before him! Meanwhile her ex comes to town after her, determined to bring her back with him. However he doesn’t expect to fall in love with a land-stuck siren.

Here are the lyrics told from both of the girls’ point of view:

Feel the sand between my toes
I watch the tide blow in
It always wins
I’ve got your hand in mine
Nothing’s ever felt as right
As tonight
Remember when we first met?
I watched you run into the sea
What were you thinking?
The waves hit against my knees
I lean on you to support me
Don’t let me go]
Feel the cool ocean breeze
On an hot august night
You held me,
You held me so tight.
You kissed me beyond the shore
Your lips tasted like saltwater
On my tongue
I knew you were the one.
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to drown my heart
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to hide from me
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
Our love could divide the sea.
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to let me go
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare
Try to set me free
Can’t you see
Can’t you see
Our love could divide the sea.
Remember when we first me?
I saved you
And then you saved me
The waves hit against us now
As I embrace you under the moon’s glow
Don’t let me go