Moon Child


I want to live forever
I want to see the world
But I am just a girl
Poor and alone
With no family of my own
Still I want to live forever
And see the world.

Dear goddess of the moon
Please make my dream come true
I will do what ever you wish
Please help me Miss.

My soul?
I suppose that’s OK
What will I need it for
If I’m going to live for eternity?

My, My, Moon,
You shine so bright.
Your one eye stairs down at me
So full tonight.
Tell me what is this tingly feeling in my skin?
What kind of voodoo are you working with?

My bones feel hollow
As they crack and break
I would call out for help
But I have no one to name
My body feels foreign
In its new shape.

Colors are void
With these new eyes of mine
Miles away I can smell fresh blood
As sweet as wine.
My paws dig into loose dirt
As I travel to a nearby pond
Peaking in I can see the result of my rebirth.

In my reflection I see
A wolf looking back at me.
You take me for a fool?
“If this is what it takes to make my dreams come true
Then so be it!”
I howled to the moon.

This weeks picture it & write inspired this poem as well as a short story ( The Wolf’s Howl)! <—-Check them out ;]

My revolution …a response


My revolution ….

In response to Elays Mulu Kiros, who at the end of this poem asks, “what is your revolution?” Well, here it is!

My revolution is clouded
Even to me
What is it, exactly,
That I want to be?

My revolution is only against myself
Between my head
Between my heart
Maybe I aught to restart.

My revolution consists of only this
Of discovery, of cheer
And overcoming
My deepest fears.

My revolution is to never give up
On my dreams
Or anything else!

My revolution is ever going
A day to day fight
To keep myself going
Even through things unknowing.

My revolution lies within
As I watch this world, ever changing
I do not want to be like them
But my own special jem.

For ’tis my revolution to do so.
How will yours go?