Wildest Dreams: Midnight

Dear Journal, It was midnight. I was up like usual, writing that poem on the left page. It was a Saturday, so I knew I wouldn’t hear from him. Weekends are the hardest. They linger like an unpleasant odor. Soured like rotten milk. And my guts feel like twisted steel. Most Saturdays I spend bitingContinue reading “Wildest Dreams: Midnight”

Passion and Desire

Your presence lingers I can feel the tips of your fingers on my naked skin. Your eyes burn like fire But your love is the cool kind of sin. You take me higher Passion and desire I wish I could fix you Your scent sticks to me like glue You’re the kind of mirror IContinue reading “Passion and Desire”

Warm December

That ring on your finger, Yes the one that’s been missing I think of it and wonder What the hell am I doing? But your brown eyes glow like embers Attracting me to the flames Lured by your warmth in this December I am coated in shame. And I know I am better than thisContinue reading “Warm December”

Silver Into Gold

Can you believe it?/Do you feel it?/ Your heart beating against your chest/Time stops around you/You feel your breathing deepen/In this moment we confide/I hold my breath, your face close to mine/As our lips collide.//(chorus):And I’m spiraling into love land/You tug me there with your guiding hand/Am I ready for this?/Are you ready for this?/But weContinue reading “Silver Into Gold”