It’s like my first winter
I’m happy and carefree
No one can bring me down
Because you keep me smiling
Just the thought of you
I am see-through

I think I like you
Not used to feeling the way I do
I think I like you
The sky has never been so blue before
I was walking in the dark
but not anymore.

No one understands me
Except when you’re around
It can’t be that crazy
How everything makes sense now
I know you feel it too
You are see-through

I think I like you
Not used to feeling the way I do
I think I like you
The sky has never been so blue before
I was walking in the dark

You were the fire to my spark
You brought my out with one simple remark

You said:
I kinda like you
No one makes me smile the way you do
I kinda like you
I am happier than I have ever been before
I was walking in the dark

But not anymore.




He could hear the ticking echo through his ears. When the minute hand moved he felt the stinging in his heart which grew stronger and stronger. He knew he was running out of time.

His breath felt like thunder, shaking in his bones. Each step he ran was a race against the hour hand.


The pain in his chest brought red dots to his eyes. Stumbling on the pavement he kept on because he knew he had no time.

Collapsing inside their cage, his lungs began to cave. Every breath was forced and shallow. The doubt began to fill in the hollow thoughts. Would he make it?


He lost his breath. The pain spread from his chest like a virus. The world before him began to blur. Like a blind man he kept forwards. His feet like cement, the effort to keep moving torturous. His whole body ached, but he could not stop now.


A cry escaped his lips. Everything was cloaked in darkness. He was so close. Nearly there. But time keeps ticking and his end was near.

Just move forward. Don’t give in.


His heart began to beat in time with the second hand. Each heartbeat roared in his head. His rib cage tightened, restricting his lungs, and crushing his heart. No longer could he continue on as his legs buckled underneath his weight.

Her arms reached for him, but she was too late. By the time she revealed the watch attached to his chest, the hour and minute hand ticked together as he let out his last breath.

With a sob she took the device in her hand and removed the brass watch from his flesh. The golden numbers spread around the face was covered with a brass rib-cage.

Just a little something I cooked up after this week’s picture it & write photo. Check it out!

A Blue So Dark


On the brink of insanity

I pull you down with me

A smile and nod

That says I’m OK

A few wires crossed

You know I’m about to break.

I’m drowning in a cup-o-crazy

I invite you to come save me

With a show of my pearly whites

To ensure your trust

You flush them down

Yes, the pills are gone.

Your eyes contain concern

I shrug them off,

You silly girl

Your mother is not lost.

Drowning into a puddle

A blue so dark.

I take your hand

And submerge you with me .


Inspired by a novel by Holly Schindler