Wildest Dreams- Haunted: A Poem

Dark clouds in my head Rain cascades over my ribs Salty and acidic Eroding my bones I am broken Haunted And so far gone lost. I thought this would be a good poem for Wildest Dreams. A little side project I am working on. Read part of it here, a picture-it & write inspiration!

Falling To Pieces

Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces I am a broken puzzle On the floor at your door You left me there to Pull myself together But I don’t know how These pieces fit Now I am just useless You build me up to knock me down And I letContinue reading “Falling To Pieces”

For The Last Time

The silence screams your name Every where I turn I see your face It feels like you’re haunting me Because no matter where I go Because every step I take I cannot breathe And you’re gone, you’re leaving You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding For the last time, for the last time I give my heart awayContinue reading “For The Last Time”

Broken Past (2008 Re-Write)

Original written 6/28/08: You didn’t talk to me when you said you would You weren’t there for me, when you said you could be You were never there for me I was all alone Didn’t have a home And you found a way into my soul Into my soul. And the light’s turning black IContinue reading “Broken Past (2008 Re-Write)”


Bi-polar disorder are you my beholder? Spinning tossing sinking into the sea I’m falling. …. I’m sinking not swimming help me I’m drowning Sickness weakness is there a treatment For me? …. I don’t feel like a whole, twirling out of control My emotions are in a frenzy, I’m not thinking clearly …. Fuzzy RustyContinue reading “Disorder”

Help Me

Gather up The broken pieces of my soul Throw away All my memories that are cold. Put together The puzzle of my heart That was Shattered by a dart. Fix up My lost sight Help me Find the quickly dimming light. Whisper to Me stories of endless love Lie and Say life isn’t tough. PromiseContinue reading “Help Me”

My Broken Memories

So she sang to me “My little Sunshine” and you tell me “I’ll love you all the time Little girl don’t you fear Your daddy will be right here who’s that watching outside your window? Daddy, that’s right you know” bridge: then they handcuffed you and took you away she gave me a kiss andContinue reading “My Broken Memories”