Rabbit Hole

There’s a humming in my brain A pounding in my chest A ringing in my ear From the voice that knows me best And your eyes Pull me into my demise. Like glowing embers they burn Around the center of gravity Your black hole it pulls Me into insanity Here I go Down the rabbitContinue reading “Rabbit Hole”

I’ll Move On

Raining on the inside Sunshine on the out Gotta put a smile on To hide the clouds No I won’t let you see me cry No you can’t have my heart this time. There’s a tornado in my rib cage Lava fills my gut Even though it hurts to breathe I’ll move on No I won’tContinue reading “I’ll Move On”


I can’t play these games any more Let’s face. It you’ve got the higher score I just want to turn in my piece Take the dice because I’m taking my leave (Chorus) I’m done with the games You’ve forced me to play Done with the pain I’ve gathered along the way Done with the stressContinue reading “Games”

Waiting War

waiting, waiting all day by the phone waiting, waiting for the sound of my ring-tone waiting, waiting and it’s killing me waiting, waiting eating at my brain waiting, waiting and it’s stressing me out waiting, waiting I want to scream out waiting, waiting starring at the screen waiting, waiting for your name to pop upContinue reading “Waiting War”