What It Took To Realize- Chapter Three

“What?” I cried. “New York City! For the weekend! Aren’t you excited?” She began to bounce up and down. “Why?” I asked. “Well, I’ve got a few jobs there this weekend, and there’s this big party tomorrow night…” She slowly trailed off. I shook my head. “Tupaia,” I whined. “You know I don’t do parties.Continue reading “What It Took To Realize- Chapter Three”

What It Took To Realize- Chapter Two

CHAPTER 2 I looked down at the mermaid child in my arms. She laughed a sweet, light sound. Then she let out a whimper. Her fangs grew from her toothless mouth, and she pushed them into my neck. I woke up, my hand where her fangs had pressed against my skin. I felt nothing. IContinue reading “What It Took To Realize- Chapter Two”

Living The Dream

Here I am again. I think this is even the same parking space I used yesterday… No, I was over one space. Staring into the tree’ skinny and twisted spine. The thin dark green leaves popping out at me. But it all feels like a dream. And I wish, instead of seeing through the thicketContinue reading “Living The Dream”

What it Took to Realize & Voodoo Update

As of just this morning What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo is now available on Amazon for $16.99 in paperback and $3.99 for Kindle. The book is also available on CreateSpace. Inspired by Alexz Johnson and her song Voodoo. What It Took To Realize Morgan never really fit in at school. Besides her abnormalities due to theContinue reading “What it Took to Realize & Voodoo Update”

What it Took to Realize & Voodoo

Well, I finally did it. Many-a-years in the making and I published What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo in paperback and for kindle thanks to Createspace and Amazon’s wonderful self-publishing programs. Please check it out, inspired of course by Alexz Johnson and her amazing song Voodoo. What It Took To Realize Morgan never really fitContinue reading “What it Took to Realize & Voodoo”

Waiting (Re-Written for Out of the Ocean)

I’ve been waiting For you to finally see That you’re the only one for me Got me on my knees Begging you silently Please just open your eyes. Here I’m standing Right in front of you Pouring out my heart But it don’t get to you I’m screaming out your name But you don’t hearContinue reading “Waiting (Re-Written for Out of the Ocean)”

What It Took To Realize/ Voodoo

What it Took to Realize/ Voodoo, my baby, has been self-published for Kindle on Amazon.com. I have waited to make this announcement for some time with many excuses, but really I am just scared. Like I said, this is my baby, and I want people to love it as much as I do. So IContinue reading “What It Took To Realize/ Voodoo”

White Blank Page

So book number three has been going pretty well. The first few are more like novellas, I’m not the best at writing lengthy stories -_- but I have high hopes for this one! There’s a lot more that is going on so there is a lot more to write about. Other than writing I haveContinue reading “White Blank Page”

Like a Ghost, I keep disapearing!

OK Mercedes, just what are your excuses this time? While I do have excuses, my work-place was going out of business and I lost my job so I decided to focus on writing the only book I can focus on and have been working on for like three years!!!!! And I finished it :p NowContinue reading “Like a Ghost, I keep disapearing!”