It’s a new day You’re still you And you’re still a mystery to me I can’t read into you. It’s a new day It’s the same me But I’m feeling a bit differently I’m wondering, I’m doubting How you feel about me… It’s the twinkle in your eyes The way your heart races against mineContinue reading “Everything”

Too Bad

I don’t know how we got here I don’t know how to escape I don’t know why my heart Keeps beating your name. And it’s killing me… And it’s killing me… There’s a hole in my chest That burns with every breath But when you take my hand It stings a little less Because youContinue reading “Too Bad”

Burns Like Water

My love for you burns like water Impossible but true Your hands ignite the flame inside my chest cavity A clear blue. And it dances on a candle wick Melting away the ice That once encased my heart Like a non-penetrable device. Yet somehow you broke through With the most precise slice. Now the waterContinue reading “Burns Like Water”

Blue Waters (Summer 2008 re-write)

Original written 6/23/08: I’m not dumb I know you love me too I can see it when I look at you Don’t pretend you don’t feel it When I can see the candle lit in your heart The blue waters in your eyes Fill me up and help me rise When I’ve fallen down You’reContinue reading “Blue Waters (Summer 2008 re-write)”