Creative Writing

Give Me A Reason

Give me a reason Like leaves in the seasons To change, for you It’s been a long hard winter I’m prepared to wither away But you say you don’t want me to Oh, you want me to stay But oh, I don’t want to stand still Just give me a reason You beg and you’re … Continue reading Give Me A Reason


You’ve got me on your strings Isn’t this where you’ve always wanted me? A mindless, boneless puppet I’ll do what you say “Yes, master” “Please, Master” I am your slave. A Picture It & Write inspiration!

The Window To His Heart

I’m tired of looking through the window At the sun, shining above. I’m tired of pressing agaist the glass Longing for the lush feel of your skin. Let me out of the dark Let me out of the dark Will you ever let me into your heart? ——— Another Picture It & Write Inspiration!

A Poem A Day

A poem a day Keeps the demons at bay Allows the muse to play Changes the sky from gray

Wildest Dreams- Haunted: A Poem

Dark clouds in my head Rain cascades over my ribs Salty and acidic Eroding my bones I am broken Haunted And so far gone lost. I thought this would be a good poem for Wildest Dreams. A little side project I am working on. Read part of it here, a picture-it & write inspiration!

Waking Dream

I’ve never seen green so dark On a tree two-stories tall Catching the rain as it falls. I look through a window Like a TV screen And everything feels fake Including me.

The Cycle

Wind down After a long week Hours slip by One, two, three I never see you [Only in my dreams] And the kisses are few Far in between I want time to stand still With me in your arms Let’s forget about the daily grind Or jobs and our chores I want to stay in … Continue reading The Cycle

Wildest Dreams: Midnight

Dear Journal, It was midnight. I was up like usual, writing that poem on the left page. It was a Saturday, so I knew I wouldn’t hear from him. Weekends are the hardest. They linger like an unpleasant odor. Soured like rotten milk. And my guts feel like twisted steel. Most Saturdays I spend biting … Continue reading Wildest Dreams: Midnight


I guess my problem is I am always looking in the rearview mirror But when I look ahead, the path is unclear. I’m trying I’m trying but the wheel won’t turn I’m screaming I’m screaming to be heard I guess my problem is I always fork left I listen to my gut and not my … Continue reading Driving


Sunday. Lazy day. The only day I get to have a lazy day. I work Monday through Saturday, and even after leaving the office I stay up until about one in the morning working on my laptop. My family says I’m a workaholic. Coworkers say I need to take a vacation. I don’t need any … Continue reading Wonderland

Jungle Gym

I am sitting at my desk in the open spaced classroom. None of us can concentrate on the current task. We watch the minute hand tick-tock. The room fills with the chorus of bouncing pencil erasers, the tap-tap-tapping of feet against the linoleum floor and fingers drumming against polished wooden desk tops. Once the minute … Continue reading Jungle Gym

Day At The Lake

The way my body slices through yours The way you slip through my fingers The way your sight arouses my senses The way your touch lets me awaken The way you unlock my inner Mer The way you melt away the suffer The way you and I become one The way I feel empty when … Continue reading Day At The Lake

Ode To Sun

Oh sun beating down on me, your kin You make me darker than the original color of my skin But it’s not your effect that I love It’s the warmth that you bring to my heart.


Sinking Sinking To the ocean floor And all I see is Blue.


Spinning ’round and ’round So fast everything begins to blur together The world spins about my head I close my eyes and just enjoy the motion The fastness The dizziness The disorientation Of love.

Let Me In

With each step further The cold creeps up my spine Behind the bushy clouds The sun hides behind. I want to be apart of you If you’ll let me inside I want us to be one Rolling, soundless tide. I wade further into you The freeze gripping my chest With the cold pain I hold … Continue reading Let Me In

Raining Hearts

Oh, how the years have flown by How many things have changed with time But certain things remain the same My love for you has never changed. Yeah I’ve lived and seen enough To know I can’t escape this love ‘Cause it seems like no matter where I ran You were like a ghost, always … Continue reading Raining Hearts

Blood Pumping

I don’t like chasing
I like being chased
But you’ve got my heart racing
When you call out my name
My blood is pumping
Throughout my veins
I can hear it rushing
Like water down the drain


This was an old draft I found, thought it was time to publish!


You’ve gotten under my skin The layers are paper-thin But made of diamond. Somehow you’ve penetrated the deepest layer And put me under your spell and I don’t care. You must know This is unusual, for me.

You’re The Only One

I break away when you’re gone Didn’t know I would need anyone this much Eternity, well that’s not long enough Cause baby, you’re the one You’re the one I want to wake up next to everyday You’re the one I want to kiss in the pouring rain You’re the one who makes my heart race You’re … Continue reading You’re The Only One

Feels Like Home

It took you about fifteen minutes to park, I kept busy by writing in my notebook, trying to get all my ideas down on paper so I wouldn’t forget later; because let’s admit it, I always forget come later. You ease yourself into a parking spot that anyone else would have had trouble with. We … Continue reading Feels Like Home

Damsel In Distress

    I am leaning on you, my prince Bathing in your light of happiness I am still a broken, twisted mess I’ve always been the damsel in distress You may have slayed the dragon Woken me with true love’s kiss But I’ve already been shattered to pieces of glass Such a silly little damsel in distress … Continue reading Damsel In Distress

The Awakening

I was blind, stuck deep inside this cage where I confide Overlooked, never took a second to open my eyes But you were here, I felt your warmth, just could not tell That you were the one I sought, so I fell deeper still. I was stuck in a dark place, you brought me out … Continue reading The Awakening

To soar on a paper air plane… As I folded up the pain white paper I wondered what it would be like. If I were small enough to sit right on the edge as it took flight, catching in the wind. How my scarf might dance behind me as the brisk air brushed against my … Continue reading


Picture it & Write   Don’t bury me In the forest of your memory Under the dry leaves Fallen from the trees Like autumn   Inspired by Picture it & Write          

Rust Away

I used to think sadness was love That needing someone was the same as longing for their touch I used to think I would never be good enough For anyone because no one could make the sacrifices I was Stuck outside, ready to rust away When you came by, sheltered me from the rain You … Continue reading Rust Away

The Last Time

  He found himself at her door. Like so many times before. But he couldn’t remember how he got there. It seemed all roads lead to her. It was a warm but cool night. He could taste its humidity on his tongue. Had he walked? Did he drive? He couldn’t remember. Nor could he tear … Continue reading The Last Time


It’s like my first winter I’m happy and carefree No one can bring me down Because you keep me smiling Just the thought of you I am see-through I think I like you Not used to feeling the way I do I think I like you The sky has never been so blue before I … Continue reading Spark


I was realizing today that it has been 4 months since I have been out of the dark tunnel and into the light. I thought it was about time I shared that journey, into the right kind of love, with everyone. I am going crazy Somebody please save me from myself I don’t want to … Continue reading Firefly

Runaway Train

The first in a series of short stories inspired by Songs. Pressing the dials on the payphone, I called her up in the middle of the night. All was dark and quiet. I felt like a firefly without a light. She was a blowtorch always calling me to her side. She picked up on the … Continue reading Runaway Train

Passion and Desire

Your presence lingers I can feel the tips of your fingers on my naked skin. Your eyes burn like fire But your love is the cool kind of sin. You take me higher Passion and desire I wish I could fix you Your scent sticks to me like glue You’re the kind of mirror I … Continue reading Passion and Desire


It’s a new day You’re still you And you’re still a mystery to me I can’t read into you. It’s a new day It’s the same me But I’m feeling a bit differently I’m wondering, I’m doubting How you feel about me… It’s the twinkle in your eyes The way your heart races against mine … Continue reading Everything


When you kiss my lips When you touch my skin There is nothing like the rush of your current When your hand’s in mine And our hearts are ignited I can do anything Don’t you feel it too? The energy that flows through You’re my river In a valley of dry land You’re my river … Continue reading River

Fish Out Of Water

I open and close my mouth Like a fish out of water Drowning in the air. It’s my fault It’s my fault I can’t find the words to speak It’s my fault It’s my fault I stand there and watch you bleed. I want to take away your pain I want to heal you But … Continue reading Fish Out Of Water


It’s incomplete I told you “Then finish it,” You say. But you must know I’ve tried To walk away To say goodbye But we only repeat the cycle End it with a, “hi”. Then we kiss in perfect rhythm We love in perfect rhyme Yet, we are still incomplete Because I’m scared to let it … Continue reading Incomplete

To Be New

Your rays of heat Melt the snow from me Spring came too late But I cannot wait- I need to breathe My lungs aren’t working… I am still cold… I need to come alive I need to come to life I need to… I need you… To lift me up Into the sun And watch … Continue reading To Be New

Falling To Pieces

Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces Falling to pieces I am a broken puzzle On the floor at your door You left me there to Pull myself together But I don’t know how These pieces fit Now I am just useless You build me up to knock me down And I let … Continue reading Falling To Pieces


The words written on your lips Were nothing but a murmur When I read what they said My heart stuttered A response got caught inside my chest I looked back at you, out of breath When I saw your smile Time slowed down I could hear nothing But the echo of my voice Did you … Continue reading Confession


Maybe’s Fall on Possibilities That have gone or will Come. Waiting On this maybe To come Undone.  

For The Last Time

The silence screams your name Every where I turn I see your face It feels like you’re haunting me Because no matter where I go Because every step I take I cannot breathe And you’re gone, you’re leaving You said goodbye, now I’m bleeding For the last time, for the last time I give my heart away … Continue reading For The Last Time

Rabbit Hole

There’s a humming in my brain A pounding in my chest A ringing in my ear From the voice that knows me best And your eyes Pull me into my demise. Like glowing embers they burn Around the center of gravity Your black hole it pulls Me into insanity Here I go Down the rabbit … Continue reading Rabbit Hole

I Wish I Could Forget

I wish I could forget your name, Wash your memory from my brain Drown every moment shared, Comb your existence from my hair. I wish I could just forget you Truth is, I don’t really want to.


Ticking away Illusions clouding with gray Masking the desires within Every day another sin.


The secret looks Stolen kisses In hidden nooks Tucked away wishes The passion soars Out of focus My hopes stored Unnoticed.


The chemistry Boils in my veins Whenever you get too close Your lips call my name Your amber eyes pull me in And when your skin touches mine The world shifts beneath my feet I can’t think I’m in too deep All I’ve got is this need To be close to you All I feel is … Continue reading Chemistry

For The Heartbreak

It feels like I’m walking through a dream And all I want to do is scream Without you Without you. Walking through the fog, Searching for the sun, but it’s gone Where are you? Where are you? There’s a hole in my chest Filled with emptiness Thank you Thank you…


Winding roads Iced over Naked bones Tip over in the breeze Every drop of snow I Remember I’m just a hollow shell. 


There’s a pain in my chest That stabs with every breath There’s a crack in my ribs Puncturing my heart As I bleed the hurt away I watch it swirl down the drain  

[Your Name]

When I lay down and close my eyes Your name flows through me like a sigh Like a shiver up my spine Like blood flowing through my veins The silence only screams [your name].

You Smile

Storm clouds form in the distance You hold an umbrella over my head But it is broken and rain leaks through Still you smile, and I smile back at you. This picture we drew is an illusion And heat melts the paint away But when you brush against my hand You assure me  it will … Continue reading You Smile

I’ll Move On

Raining on the inside Sunshine on the out Gotta put a smile on To hide the clouds No I won’t let you see me cry No you can’t have my heart this time. There’s a tornado in my rib cage Lava fills my gut Even though it hurts to breathe I’ll move on No I won’t … Continue reading I’ll Move On


  Many hearts are caught in this game we’ve played But tonight, that will all change. The second-hand ticks-ticks away But the minutes take hours, the hours take days. When I see you tonight, when we meet face to face How will you be feeling, what will you say? Will your eyes dance like a … Continue reading Bound

Mouth To Mouth

The way you look at me With those big brown eyes Makes my stomach dance Makes my head light. When your skin brushes against mine I know I’m in too deep Because my lungs get tied My tongue grows weak. And when you pull me in close I know there’s no escape Because when we’re … Continue reading Mouth To Mouth


Having you at my side Always, with your hand in mine Protecting me from my own pride Protecting you from your fear of time In each other’s arms we’re safe Never worry, I’ve got you babe Even if the world comes to an end Stay with me. I know you’ll Stay with me.


Hearing the words Of the universe Piercing through your lungs Enough, time to hold strong.


Staring into space Toggle the view Reaching for the moon Even when you’re all through Never going to stop or Give in Tangled in old news Hoping you’ll get loose.


Can’t reach Over seek Undertow. Rough roads Ages to go Gotta let go Eventually


Blinded desire Numbing pleasure Tickled secrets Dark intentions Blinding possession Numbing illusions Tickled fantasies Dark and guilty.    

I am Winter

It’s winter again The cold has rolled in The frost has started and The ice took my heart again. I am frozen I am cold I can’t feel I don’t see the point any more. The snow is sticking now It twinkles like fallen stars But it melts at your touch Because it was empty … Continue reading I am Winter

Vicious cycle

Desire Urge Confusion Words Shattered Silence Falls… Pressure Lungs Breath Tongues Lips Fingertip Climax… Delusions Swirl Lies Curl Defence Weakness End… Up Down Cycle Drown Laugh Cry Begin…


When I am with you It’s like some sort of drug Living off of a high I can’t get enough of But when my mind clears I wonder to myself, what the hell am I doing here? But I don’t know how to end it And it goes on and on How do I get … Continue reading Damned

A Promise

A little piece of metal Jagged and scarred Off colored A little light of heart You slip it on my finger A promise you laugh It doesn’t shine or twinkle But it fits nice and snug Like a crown it rules Three fingers from my thumb.


My skin is now the scene Where our crime has been committed I wash away your fingerprints To rid myself of the evidence Now let’s get our stories straight So no one can see through our lies And keep your lips sealed As I’ll keep mine.


Believe that I tried to say goodbye It’s just that your smile brought me to shame And my legs grew heavier as I tried to back away. Believe that I was going to let you go And end this whole charade But your skin brushed against mine and everything grew gray. Believe that I know … Continue reading Believe

Warm December

That ring on your finger, Yes the one that’s been missing I think of it and wonder What the hell am I doing? But your brown eyes glow like embers Attracting me to the flames Lured by your warmth in this December I am coated in shame. And I know I am better than this … Continue reading Warm December

Where the heart is

Home is where the heart is My heart always belonged to you So the day you decided to end us You took my home too.      


He could hear the ticking echo through his ears. When the minute hand moved he felt the stinging in his heart which grew stronger and stronger. He knew he was running out of time. His breath felt like thunder, shaking in his bones. Each step he ran was a race against the hour hand. Tick. … Continue reading Tick-Tock

Third Degree Burns

I knew it was coming to an end From the moment we began But denial is such a tricky thing So I gave you all of me And all I got in return Was a heart with third degree burns

Sigh Of Death

I looked deep into his crystal eyes and knew it was the end. With his warm, strong hands wrapped  around my neck I could hear my heartbeat  echoing within my eardrums. It slowed itself to a dull hum as the black crept into the corners of my vision. Not once did either of us break … Continue reading Sigh Of Death

The Taste of Heartbreak

The taste of heartbreak on my tongue Is like cherry cough syrup The acid climbing up the walls of my throat Burns Just like your lack of words. Here I am and I gave you my all And for what reason When you can’t be bothered to talk Well I have fallen Now I’m crashin’ … Continue reading The Taste of Heartbreak

Teetering Edge

On the ledge Water’s edge Face to face with death Falling to pieces You’re my glue But what if your presences ceases? Teetering on the cliff The slightest amount of wind And I could plummet Slowly sliding off Will you catch me Or let me fall?

The Silence Says

In that second it took that you didn’t respond Time around me had stopped I could hear nothing but the sound of my breath As my heart sunk from my chest I had my fingers mentally crossed And hoped those three words back you would toss I held my breath but never saw your mouth … Continue reading The Silence Says

My home, My haven

Your irises like crystal waters swimming around your pupils. Your skin looks like a snow canvas but only spreads warmth. Your hands blank and wide tightly grips onto mine. Your lips full and thin are soft then firm. Your presence is guarded but I’m prepared to knock down your walls because your embrace is my … Continue reading My home, My haven

Take Me Away

Swing, swing Take me away Push back and forth Higher, higher! Swing, swing Lift me from this seat Bring me to places I’ve never seen Further and further away Up, up, up! {chorus} Take me away, through the air Feel the cool wind in my hair As we soar through the night, over the land … Continue reading Take Me Away

Don’t Break My Heart

Can I trust you If I give this to you Will you keep it safe Lock it away? Can I believe you Keep it in your care Trust you’ll protect it Keep it somewhere safe I only want to ask you one thing Can you promise me one thing? {chorus} Don’t break my heart It’s … Continue reading Don’t Break My Heart

And So I Smile

My heart is breaking away I feel my ribcage shrinking up Your name is sweet ans sour on my tongue And I’m losing faith in this word called love {Chorus} And so I smile To cover up the pain And so I smile And tuck my emotions away And so I smile Even when I … Continue reading And So I Smile


I can’t play these games any more Let’s face. It you’ve got the higher score I just want to turn in my piece Take the dice because I’m taking my leave (Chorus) I’m done with the games You’ve forced me to play Done with the pain I’ve gathered along the way Done with the stress … Continue reading Games

Life Or Death

It blew its hot breath in my face The clamminess of it sent shivers down my spine I could tell by its methodical gaze That it weighed my life in its claws. Life… Death… Which would it choose? The breath I dared not breath Burned in my chest, just begging Begging me to open my … Continue reading Life Or Death

Dear Lake

Dear Lake, You are not the sea But something about you I find alluring. Dear Lake, You are as cold as ice But something about you warms my insides. Dear Lake, Your water soothes my soul I wish to be apart of you, if you’ll just show me how. Dear Lake, You sink into my … Continue reading Dear Lake

Another Father’s Day Poem

We’ve had our rough times We’ve had our good ones We’ve had our fights And we’ve had our laughs But no matter what we had between us There was always love ~ Happy Father’s Day, I love you <3 ~ And happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there ;]

Japanese Maple

Oh, Japanese Maple Through your twisted branches I see Thin rays of sun Pouring down on me. You reach up And out with your spiraled arms Your trunk thick and sturdy Rooted in my yard. Oh, Japanese Maple The beauty you spread With your pink hair Dancing in the wind. Your leaves, How they sway … Continue reading Japanese Maple


little flame dancing in ignorance yearning to grow. burn. burn. burn. gone.


my emotions are like a never-ending roller-coaster a constant tug-of-war jerking me this way and that I can’t bare it any more…


She lifts herself from the water Shedding her tail like dry skin With her spear above her head She prepares to strike down at the beast Slithering beneath the surface The storm rages on Waves lapsing over the stone perch In the distance a boat teeters over On the verge of capsizing She bears no … Continue reading Warrior

Burns Like Water

My love for you burns like water Impossible but true Your hands ignite the flame inside my chest cavity A clear blue. And it dances on a candle wick Melting away the ice That once encased my heart Like a non-penetrable device. Yet somehow you broke through With the most precise slice. Now the water … Continue reading Burns Like Water


I’m in a mood No good it can do To sit here and brood Over you.

Into Your Hurricane

My heart was swept into your hurricane Whirling, Whirling, Prospering. My body got tugged into your storm Raining, Raining, Growing. Your lightning awakens my heart Striking, Striking, Electrifying. Your wind stirs something within my soul Glowing, Glowing, Consuming.


The inspiration has left me again Now I’m just alone and depressed. I am bored with nothing to do But play with this ribbon, a teal-like blue. It marks the pages I have yet to write in Dark green lines stretching from margin to margin At some point I will fill you with random poems … Continue reading Random


I can feel every inch of my body going numb with pleasure Black and white  dots dance before my eyes On the brink of passing out You pull me back down to earth.

I Can’t Tell You…

I open and close my mouth Like a fish drowning in air I try to push the words beyond my lips But they get stuck in the back of my throat I cough I choke But they refuse to budge And I can’t think of another way to tell you Tell you I love you…

Hot and Cold

All words have already been said What more can I say to describe the way you get into my head? You bring me to heaven The moon Then back again To finish me off with the heat of your breath On my tongue Into my lungs Keeping your eyes on mine Your gaze is my … Continue reading Hot and Cold

Like Liquid

When I’m with you time slips away Like water through my fingers I try to grip onto something solid But the hours flow like liquid.


Maybe we rushed into things But it’s too late to turn around I’d hate for it to be the reason We didn’t work  out. Because I like you, And I’m not sure how much you like me But the thought of this ending is devastating.

Masked Lies

I see the looks You try to hide Puh-lease I’m not blind. Save me the lies I see right through The wall you try to hide behind. How about you tell the truth This time I’d rather know what’s on your mind Then watch you mask it behind Your fake eyes.