Power Outage Must Haves

Almost two weeks ago we had a snow storm that left us without power for SIX WHOLE DAYS! There were even more people were left without power going on 2 weeks! After having to suffer through a multiday power outage, I made some mental notes on things we would need in the event we ever lose power for this long again. So, without further adieu, here are my power outage must haves to help you survive a multiday power outage with kids.

General Power Outage Must Haves:

Real quick, lets go over the basics that everyone should know and have prepared.

  • Generator: It goes without saying that you’re going to want a back up energy source such as a generator. Personally, I’d say have a back up for your back up! This is on my list to buy the MOMENT we get our own house. You never know how or when or how long you could be without power for, so be prepared!
  • Heat Source: Have a fireplace? Make it your mission you know how it works, if it needs any work, and have wood on hand. If you have heaters, how do they work? Only work with an outlet? Have a Kerosene Heater? Make sure it’s safe for indoors and you have fuel.
  • Flashlights and/or candles: If you have flashlights, make sure you have spare batteries. Or, find some flashlights and/or lanterns that are rechargeable.

If you know there’s a storm coming your way, prepare for the worst. There is nothing wrong with being over prepared. This could and should include:

  • Catching up on laundry!
    • Wash all your laundry, even if you don’t fold it all, you’re going to want those clothes clean.
      • Study that washer and dryer manuals. Someone was washing laundry when they’re power went out and their washer locked all the wet clothes inside! Be careful!
    • Stocking up on non-perishables.
      • Depending on your insurance, you can be reimbursed for any food that spoils during the outage
      • Water! If you have well water, you may want to stock up on bottled water. We have a Primo Water Dispenser and even though it’s bottom loaded, the reservoir is big enough that it still lasted us a few days. The top loader is another great option and the water jugs are great to have on hand!
        • Stay hydrated with Liquid I.V. 1 stick= 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with 5 essential vitamins. Use code mermaidfitnessbump for 25% off and free shipping.
    • Charge your devices ahead of time!
      • Charge up your power bank as well.
Keeping warm during a power outage
Keeping warm in her layers and cuddling with Daddy by the fire

Staying Warm during a Power Outage:

A power outage during a winter storm is maybe the worst. And staying warm is imperative. Aside from the tips above, here are a few others that we found worked well for us.

  • Layers, Layers, Layers! Everyone was in 2-3 layers of clothes at all times.
  • Huddle around the fire/heater
  • Sleeping in the same room. Kyle and I split up duties. He slept in the room with Kieran and I slept in the room with Kiara. This kept us warm but also spared us splitting up heater usage in 3+ rooms.
  • Sleep in a Privacy Pop Tent. Kiara and I slept in the Privacy Pop Tent which kept us nice and cozy each night. It holds the heat well enough that we didn’t need the heater most nights in our room. Plus, it made it a fun experience for both of us.
  • Insulation to block off other rooms and keep rooms warm. I am including some options below.
Stay warm in a Privacy Pop Tent during a power outage
This one is a throwback! But here’s our Privacy Pop that kept Kiara and me warm!
Enjoying the snow
Kieran loved eating the snow <3

Keeping the kids busy during a Power Outage Tips:

I’m not going to lie, we do a lot of screen time in this home. No shame here. I’m a stay at home work from home mom who needs to find time to get things done some how. With that said, being out of power for days had me a little concerned. Thankfully, they kids did wonderfully! I didn’t even pull out the tablet until day 4 or 5! See the toys that kept them quiet and busy in my Web Story below.

  • Toys to keep kids busy
  • Play outside *
  • Indoor play areas *
  • Meet up with some friends *
  • Tablet for screen time (Our break-glass-incase-of-emergency item)

*This is assuming it is SAFE to go outside and/or leave the house.

Avoiding Boredom:

  • Play with the kids
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Read a book or two. My current reading list:
    • Dexter
    • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    • December Snow
    • Crescendo
    • What It Took
  • Board/Card Games
Heat up winter with December Snow
Heat up the winter with December Snow

Additional Power Outage Tips:

  • Stay with a friend or family member. When I was at the end of my rope, I took the kids and we went down to NC to stay with my friend. It was great to finally have heat, electricity, and some company. The kids got to enjoy playing with their friend and playing outside. It was a win for everyone.
  • Get involved in your community. During hard times, one thing you can count on is the community coming together. People who got their power sooner than others were opening up their homes for people to have warm places to stay, do their laundry, take hot showers, and were even providing hot meals. Local companies like the local YMCA opened their doors for those without power to take hot showers and Goldfish Swim School invited us for free swim to warm up for a while.

If you have any additional tips, or found this article on power outage must haves helpful, let me know with a comment below! Stay safe everyone and thank you for your time <3

Escaping the power outage

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