Survive the Holidays with your Dietary Restrictions

I recently had an experience where I was writhing in pain, so nauseas I couldn’t eat, and stuck in bed all day. All because I had been eating too many of the foods I’m sensitive too. Recovering from that, I did a fasting-mimicking diet, and having to sit through meals eating something different from everyone else, I realized a few things that I think will help you survive the holidays this season no matter your dietary restriction. Whether you’re gluten free, dairy free, vegan, diabetic, etc., these tips are for everyone.

How to Survive the Holidays 101

surviving the holidays tip: talk to the host

Ask if any options will be provided.

Don’t be afraid to call up your host and see if they will be providing any additional options. If they are hosting for a lot of people chances are you’re not the only one with a dietary restriction. If you have allergies, ask about how the food will be prepped and if they’re providing options if they will be taking the necessary precautions.

surviving the holidays tip: bring your own dish

Make/buy your own substitute dishes to bring.

During the holidays my husband’s family always makes their yummy cut out cookies. And usually, I give in and have a few. This year I really can’t risk my own health and since I’m the only one who is gluten free in the family, there are no other cookie options unless I make them myself. Well… I’m lazy! So I looked online and discovered a bakery near me that makes cut outs, assorted holiday cookies, take and bake cinnamon buns, etc.! So, I ordered myself some cookies and cinnamon buns so I didn’t have to feel left out this holiday. Don’t be afraid to buy and bring your own dish/dishes if there won’t be other options. That way you’re not putting it on the host and you don’t have to feel left out or make yourself sick.

surviving the holidays tip: eat before you go

Eat before you go.

Eat before you go! This is something I wish I would have done more often in the past. If you’re not comfortable talking to the host and/or you don’t know what kind of food is going to be available, don’t risk it. Eat before you go.

surviving the holidays tip: bring snacks

Bring Snacks

Bring your own snacks! Keep a few bars in your purse, diaper bag, backpack, or whatever. Or bring some chips, a veggie tray, whatever works within your diet so you can enjoy the social snack with the rest of the party.

It’s OK to be that person when trying to survive the holidays

It’s OK to “be that person” because listen, your health is more important than a party in the first place. Always put your health first. So be that person who asks the questions, who brings their own food, who takes care of themselves. You can still have fun and eat good food without feeling bad about it.

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