Pop Pilates with Mercedes

Hello, my beautiful Merfolk! And welcome to POP Pilates with Mercedes ✨

POP Pilates with Mercedes

What is POP Pilates?

  • We’re going to take Pilates moves on the mat and to the beat of some fun POP music
  • Strength and flexibility workout that can be done in bare feet on nothing but a yoga mat or the floor
  • For people in all stages of their fitness journey with options for each exercise
  • Highly-focused movements that leave your body toned and transformed.
  • This isn’t your average workout. It’s a dance on the mat.

Why did I get POP Pilates certified?

  • Before I was ever prenatal and postnatal certified, before I ever even liked fitness, I wanted to get fit and found Cassey Ho, the creator of Pop Pilates. I started out with her free workouts on YouTube, her PIIT28 program, and fell in love with fitness.
  • POP was the first certification I ever had. There was a live certification at the gym I worked at at the time and I knew I wanted to be certified and if I got certified I’d be able to teach there.
  • I got certified but left the gym I worked at. When we moved, at the time the certification didn’t cover teaching online classes. So I left POP to the past.
  • After getting 305 Certified, I missed POP and decided to get recertified.

Where can you catch my POP Class?

You can catch my live classes on Instagram! Currently, classes are at 9:30am EST Monday and Wednesday. But make sure to follow me @mermaidfitnessbump for any class updates, so you never miss a live, free fitness videos, challenges, and more!

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