Coco Village’s Wooden Toys & VIP Sale

It’s no secret that Coco Village has some of the best wooden, ergonomic and fun toys. Their minimalistic design helps to foster the imagination of the young players and let them truly be in control of their own playtime.

Why Coco Village

To be honest, we’ve bought and been gifted wooden toys from a few different companies, yet Coco Village is the one I always come back to. I appreciate that the toys are designed to last through the abuse my tots will put them through. They are thoughtfully designed with quality wood, fabric, and other materials. And their mission is to not only make quality products, but fun products to foster creativity, family time, and friendly prices.

Our Favorite Wooden Toys

1 year old Kieran stealing Coco Village wooden toy cookies and donuts
1 year old Kieran stealing wooden toy cookies and donuts

The Wooden Toy Kitchen

One of our all-time favorites from Coco Village is their wooden kitchen. Both my kids use and play with it daily. Kiara cooks on the stove top with the accompanying wooden pots and pans; taking the time to wash her hands before and after meals. Meanwhile, Kieran mostly likes to open the cupboards and pull everything out. Ha ha.

Kiara making her espresso
Kiara making her espresso

The Kitchen Accessories

  • To go with our kitchen, we have the espresso maker. Both kids love this as well. Again, Kiara likes to take the time to insert her espresso token in the slot, turn the handle, and watch the token drop into her mug before taking a nice long sip so she can sigh, ahhhhhhhh, afterwards. Even Kieran has begun imaginary play, as once the espresso is made, he takes his mug and spoon over to the radio. Gives his drink a stir, and slurps it up from the spoon.
  • The shopping cart is another source of fun as well. Wooden, and easy to put together, it’s provided us with years of enjoyment and I’m sure there’s many years ahead of us.
The KitKats playing with their wooden play parking garage
The KitKats playing with their wooden play parking garage

The Wooden Toy Play Parking Garage

Another favorite wooden toy is our parking garage! Kieran thinks he’s clever when he tries to use it as a stepping stool, but Kiara loves racing the wooden cars down the ramps, and taking the cars up and down levels, and turning the knob to make the elevator do its magic.

Because I like some structure, and the toys are open-ended enough for us to be creative with our play, I used our parking garage to make a board game! Check out the rules and set up.

Kiara working on colors, numbers, and shapes in her Coco Village Denim Tent
Kiara working on colors, numbers, and shapes in her Coco Village Denim Tent

The Tent

This is our new addition to the play room and our collection of Coco Village toys: The Denim Play Tent. The poles are wooden, yet soft in texture. Like velvety. Love it. And they’re easily put together with a piece of rope. Y’all, for as easy as it was to put together, I did not know how big of a hit it was going to be. I mean, I knew Kiara was going to enjoy this play tent, but I did not know the extent she was going to LOVE it!

I glammed it up for her, laying down her quilt that a dear friend’s mom made as a baby gift, adding in some fluffy pillows, getting her a fuzzy blanket, hanging fairy lights for my little Fae, and our latest addition, the gold garland. It’s her own slice of heaven. Her happy place to either get away, or to snuggle up close to Mom or Dad. We read in there, play on the tablet, pretend to nap, and just flop around.

The Tent Accessories

At some point, I’d love to get the play campfire, but the pretend play Log Pouf is a great hit! Especially for Kieran. It’s soft with a corduroy cover, and the insides are in their own fabric bag I believe for easy washing of the cover. Kieran loves throwing his body into it after getting a running start. We theorize he might play football with his love of tackling!

One Year Old Kieran repping for Coco Village
One Year Old Kieran repping for Coco Village

Coco Village VIP Sale

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What are some of your favorite eco-friendly toys? Share in the comments!

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