Lunge Challenge

Let’s do a 21 Day Lunge Challenge!

21 Day Lunge Challenge

Lunges – They are one of the most beneficial exercises we can do. 

Did you know …

  • Lunges work all muscles in the lower body – quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and all 3 of the glute muscles.
  • They work the core, lower back and stabilizers –  Because lunges are unilateral exercises, meaning they work each side of the body (in this case, the legs) separately, they’re great for improving core strength, stability & balance.
  • Functional Training – Lunges mimic walking & going up stairs.  We are getting stronger in movements that we use in daily life.
  • Flexibility & mobility – Not only do lunges work all the muscles of the legs, but they’re also a great stretch too!  Lunges are a great way to stretch our hip flexors, keep them mobile, and flexible, which can prevent back pain.
  • Coordination – Lunges involve using several muscle groups at once.  We use one leg to lunge, the other leg to balance, and your core and back to keep you upright.   Because all of these muscles need to do different things all in unison, lunges are amazing for training coordination.
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Benefits of the Lunge Challenge

Are lunges an exercise that you typically do?  If YES – awesome!  You already understand the huge list of benefits from them!  If not – that’s ok too – but I’m going to work to change that over the next 21 days.  I am going to have you LUNGING for MORE once you master proper form, and start to feel all the incredible lunging benefits.   

Lunges have so many benefits! They work all the big muscles of the body – all your leg muscles, your core, lower back, and cardio! But form is KEY. If form is off, many can experience knee or back pain which is why over the next 21 days, we are going to work at perfecting our form together. 

What exactly is a LUNGE?  

A lunge is a functional move that we use so often in daily life.  And that’s the main reason they’re so important to train. Think walking, climbing stairs, bending to tie a shoelace, getting down on 1 knee to propose!  We need lunges for all of these.  A lunge is basically bending the legs to make 90 degree angles at the ankles, knees and hips.

When done correctly, lunges can effectively target your lower-body muscles without placing added strain on your joints.  Lunges work strength – they build endurance – they challenge balance, stability and coordination.   And there are so many ways to lunge!  Tons of variety, and lunging FUN! 

So let’s chat about how exactly this lunge challenge is going to work …

Each day there’s a new lunge challenge to do.  It’s all listed out in the calendar so you can get a sneak peek.  You’ll notice each day of the week we’re lunging in a different way – either static on 1 leg, alternating, balancing, compounding, etc  …

Here’s a DAILY breakdown:

  • Mondays: STATIC lunges – while keeping our feet static on the ground, we’re focusing just on lowering and raising through the angles.  Really getting out lunge form down without worrying about foot placement.
  • Tuesdays: SINGLE LEG lunges – Adding in the step, but still just focusing on 1 leg at a time through the lunge.
  • Wednesdays: ALTERNATING lunges – Slowly starting to add in some balance & coordination 
  • Thursdays: REST!  It’s a part of the process 🙂
  • Fridays: BALANCE!  We’re upping the balance challenge by adding a knee lift up top!
  • Saturday: COORDINATION:  After rocking the lunges for the week, we’re adding in an upper body move to do along with the lunge – to challenge coordination!
  • Sunday: REST!  Take it and enjoy it – getting ready for the next week.

And – while going through this daily schedule, we’re also bringing in different lunges over the 3 weeks, to target the leg muscles a little differently, and challenge your functional training skills.

In week one:  Reverse lunges

Week two: Side lunges

And week three: Curtsey lunges (sometimes called bowlers or cross behind lunges)

Lunge Challenge - You In?


We’re all coming at this lunge challenge from a different place with our fitness.  You’ll notice on the calendar I have listed ‘repeat 1-3 times’.  For beginners, you’re welcome to stick with the first option and do each day’s challenge only once.  But – for most advanced exercisers, there’s a 3 times option!  Choose the option that best suits your fitness level while challenging yourself.


Form is SO KEY in successfully lunging.  We will talk a lot about it through this challenge, so make sure it’s a focus.  Perhaps do your daily lunges in front of a mirror or using the front facing camera so you can really see your foot placement and leg/knee alignment. 


Should you feel any pain or discomfort in your knees or back, please do a check in on your form.  Ensure your knees are never passing your toes and your chest is staying lifted.  To modify, lessen your range of motion.  Don’t go quite as deep.  You can also have a chair next to you to lean on, or put your hands on your front thigh (not knee!!) for added support.  


We’re having FUN through these 21 days.  We are rocking our strength, balance, endurance and coordination.  We will be challenging ourselves and going all in.  We’re working at each of our own levels – but we’re growing and getting better. All while having FUN!

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