B.T.S. Botzees Content Creation

I think the term “content creator” has been gaining a lot of popularity vs Influencer. A big part of what I do as an Instagram influencer is content creation. I create content for brands that appear on my page and sometimes I create content specifically for the brand’s use. And the type of content comes in all shapes and sizes.

Lately, I’ve been talking to different brands and companies for influencers/content creators and the biggest question I’ve been getting asked a lot is, how do you go about creating content?

Uhm. Bruhh.

Sometimes I get a product that speaks to me and I know immediately what I want to do. The kind of shot I want to get. Or video. If it’s going to be an IGTV or REEL. Other times, I hold onto the product and literally carry it around with me everywhere until the right opportunity, location, or event happens.

With Botzees, I knew I wanted to do an unboxing video with my daughter for my YT channel since I’d been working on growing it. But the deal was for a post on IG. So for the post I had the idea of setting up a whole scene with the dinosaur bot put together and a bunch of Kiara’s toys to make it look like the dinosaur was roaming the wild.

That evening after we put together our triceratops, I took Kiara’s Camp Castle Medium Farm Play Mat, set up Kieran’s Mini Construction & Rescue cars from target (only $9.99 and we get TONS of use out of these! Target has the best deal as you can order half of what’s in the target package for $13 on Amazon so yeah, get your Target shopping on. See them featured in another photo shoot: ) along with their wooden Camp Castle cars around the track and heading towards the emergency (the giant dinosaur on the mat). I set up the fences and farm animals (couldn’t find the exact one we have but I linked a similar one here: Farm Animal Toys). Then I set up her Flower Garden Building Toys, arranged her stacking blocks and stacking dinosaurs accordingly before placing the Botzees Go triceratops.

And because I did this a bit backwards, I set up the green screen last haha. Highly recommend setting up the green screen beforehand so you don’t knock over your set up and have to rebuild parts 😅. My green screen, stand, and light set that I never remember to use is from Wish.com, but I know not everyone is comfortable shopping from there so I’m linking some additional options below:

Stand + Green Screen $59.99
Umbrella Lights $57.99
Stand + Green Screen + Umbrella Lights $72.95 (this is actually the same brand I have and love!)

So after I set up the scene and shot all the photos, I had to of course do all the editing! The apps I used were:
Background Eraser – to erase the green screen behind Kiara and save the photo with a transparent background.
Polish – to search their database of free photos for a good dinosaur pic that I felt would blend in with the background nicely. I added the photo and used their layering tool to send it into the background. You also have the option to blur the added photo, which I did so it didn’t stand out too much and Kiara and the rest of the foreground could remain the star.
Google Photos: Last, I edited the photos in Google Photos. It’s simple which is maybe why it’s my favorite photo editor for things such as lighting and color, but honestly there’s not a single photo editing app I prefer for those quick touch ups. I save this step for last so the new background image and the original image get the same exact edit and look cohesive.

I did this for a few of my favorite shots and submitted them to the brand!

Sometimes, the process is simple, sometimes it’s a bit more complicated, but I try to put love, thought, and lots of effort into all my content creation.

Did you find this helpful? What kinds of apps do you use for photo editing? Let’s share some in the comments for others to use and discover!

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